Experts in Pools, Water Features and Water Feature Maintenance

When it comes to water gardens and the management of your entire waterscape, it is important to enlist the help of professionals. Our professional waterscape design team will expertly design and add aquatic features to your garden as well as provide services for the maintenance of your water features. We will help you create the aquatic water garden of your dreams with water features of your choosing – ponds, fountains, backyard waterfalls and more!

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Pools, Waterfalls and Fountains

Water features add a calming and beautiful effect to your landscape. The sound of running water is not only attractive but also calming, and always a source of pleasure in any outdoor landscape. Depending on the size of your property and personal tastes, our design team will work with you to create an aquascape of your dreams. From infinity pools, waterfall spillways into pools to unique fountains, our professionals will work with you to incorporate the elements you choose into your waterscape!

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A beautifully designed pond can transform your landscape and create a peaceful retreat for all to enjoy.

Whether you are looking for a large rock lined pond with a waterfall or simple koi pond for some goldfish, Sunrise will expertly construct a natural looking pond to complement your landscape. Pond construction requires meticulous planning to ensure proper drainage and filtration. All elements of your pond, such as water lilies and other water plants, as well as goldfish and other small pond fish need to be taken into consideration for all elements of your pond to thrive. The benefits of a water feature such as a pond are tremendous.

Integrating a pond into your landscape is a large investment in your landscape. Enlist the help of Sunrise to design, build and maintain your Northern Virginia waterscape garden. Include us in your spring and fall clean-ups to make sure your water features are properly maintained so you can get them maximum enjoyment from them! Let us help transform your landscape to the water garden of your dreams. Contact us today!

In addition to Water Features, Sunrise also offers a variety of landscape and design services including:

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