From the first call

When you contact Sunrise, we will record your contact information and refer you to one of our landscape designers. One of our designers will then call or send an email to initiate a discussion of your interests and goals for your landscape. After an appointment has been scheduled, you will meet with your designer on your property to consult and physically survey the prospective areas of development.

At the first meeting

During your first meeting, the designer and you should have a dialog to determine what priorities you may have in your landscape. The designer will listen, ask, answer questions, and help to develop ideas to enhance or correct areas on your property. A second meeting may be necessary to further develop the concepts discussed or review a plan of action.

After we meet

After the meeting, your designer will take the information you provided during the consultation and create a proposal to renovate or enhance the landscape. If a plan is required, your designer will create one that addresses your needs and wants, while integrating the architecture of your home.

You’ve decided to work with Sunrise

If the proposal and plan are accepted and payment is arranged, the designer will proceed forward and arrange the logistics of the contract. Miss Utility will be contacted, materials will be ordered, and the work will be scheduled.

During the design installation

On the first day of the installation, the designer will arrive along with the crew to initiate the installation. The designer will show the crew what the plan is and detail the goals of the contract. During the installation, the designer will be your point of contact. Our goal is to simplify project management by having your designer be your eyes and ears during the installation. Your designer is there to keep you informed and the project on track according to the contract.

The finishing touches

After the installation, a final walk through is recommended for you to ask any final questions, or point out any areas that may cause concern, these will be addressed by Sunrise. Finally, your home and landscape will be left neat and clean, ready for you to enjoy throughout the outdoor season!