Irrigation Systems and Services

An irrigation system requires seasonal care to ensure it is operating efficiently and providing the necessary water coverage for your landscape. Over watering can cause as much damage to plants as under watering. A properly maintained irrigation system not only saves you time and effort, it protects your investment in landscaping and ensures your lawn and plants are watered properly. Contact Sunrise Landscape and Design, our irrigations specialists will make sure your irrigation system is working for you!

Our Irrigation Maintenance plan includes spring and fall services as well as two summer visits. The spring service makes sure the system is charged and programmed for correct water coverage and to make sure the irrigation heads are dispersing water properly. Our summer service makes sure that all of the irrigation system components are operating properly based on the turf appearance. They also help us identify any problems areas due to over or under watering. Our fall winterization service includes blowing out lines with compressed air and shutting down the water source as well as the controller. Both services include inspection and repair estimates of sprinkler stations. Protect the investment in your landscape by contacting Sunrise Landscape and Design for the proper care and maintenance of your irrigation system.

When it comes to taking care of your landscape, Sunrise Landscape and Design has over 30 years of experience keeping Northern Virginia landscapes healthy and beautiful all year round. Contact us today for an estimate for maintaining your irrigation system.

In addition to irrigation, Sunrise also offers a variety of landscape and design services including:

Landscape Design and Build

Landscape Management

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