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When Should You Prune Trees?

The key to good tree care is knowing if, why and when your trees need to be pruned.

The best way to maintain healthy trees is to know when you should prune your trees. Often in the fall, tree trimmers will knock on your door telling you that your trees need to be topped because branches are too heavy or tree limbs are too close to the house and could cause damage. Be wary of these offers, as untrained professionals can damage some of the most beautiful assets in your landscape. 

Sunrise Landscape and Design knows that improper cuts can result in the tree not healing properly, leading to infection or disease. Improper pruning may encourage undesired growth such as water sprouting (shoots that grow from the trunk of the tree or tree branches).

Why do you need to prune trees?

The three most common reasons to prune are to eliminate a problem, stunt growth and encourage growth.  To eliminate a problem such as dead branches, holes in the tree canopy or damage from nests, the best time to prune is in the cooler fall months when the trees are beginning to go dormant. This is also true if tree growth need to be stunted.  A tree may need to be kept at its current height due to factors in its immediate environment such as power lines, a garden needing more sun or if the tree is interfering with the growth of another tree.  If the goal for pruning is to encourage growth, the best time to do this is the spring when the tree is beginning to come out of its dormant season.

Can I prune trees myself?

If you choose to prune your trees yourself, make sure you know how to do it properly so you do not damage the tree. You need to make sure you aren’t cutting off the buds on your Azalea or Hydrangea and you should never cut Crepe Myrtle branches completely off.  It is important to have the right tools (proper pruners and saws) and to make sure you can do it safely!

Professionals at Sunrise Landscape and Design are carefully trained to prune trees according to advanced pruning techniques and with the uniqueness of each tree species in mind. Hiring Sunrise for your tree care will leave your trees healthier, structurally sound and beautiful for years to come.

Still not sure about proper tree pruning? Save time and contract Sunrise!

Sunrise Landscape and Design is Northern Virginia’s premier landscaping company offering a full range of landscaping services.  Our landscape and design services include hardscapes, water features, irrigation and landscape lighting, year-round lawn maintenance and more. Our property maintenance services will keep your landscape vibrant and healthy year round with mulching, edging, garden cleanups, lawn mowing, tree pruning and mosquito/deer control. Contact us today for all your landscape and lawn care needs!

Serving the following Northern Virginia locations: Ashburn · Belmont Ridge · Brambleton · Broadlands · Centreville · Chantilly · Great Falls · Herndon · Lansdowne · Leesburg · McLean · Oakton · Potomac Falls · Reston · South Riding · Sterling · Vienna · Aldie · Willowsford


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How to Make Grass Greener

Want enviable green grass? It’s not as simple as just mowing and watering.

lawn mowing in loudoun county va

Have you ever wondered how to make grass greener? How do some yards look lush and vibrant while others look dull and forgotten? It’s not necessarily as simple as mowing and watering; lawn care can actually be very complicated. Read more for our professional tips on lawn maintenance and soon you’ll have your grass looking greener!

Seven Core Areas of Lawn Maintenance to Make Grass Greener:

Soil testing

Sometimes the most important step is the one most often overlooked. Testing your soil for its pH level and nitrogen and phosphorus content will actually save you a lot of headaches in the long-run. Once you know your soil makeup, you’ll be able to figure out what types of fertilizers (and what quantities) your lawn really needs.


At a minimum, you should fertilize every spring and fall. There’s ammonium sulfate and numerous all-purpose fertilizers to choose from. Make sure to use caution, though. Too much fertilizer can burn your lawn, and ammonium sulfate only provides a short green boost to it. Your lawn needs a balanced diet of nutrients in order to stay green and healthy.


The frequency and amount of time you need to water your lawn is going to vary based upon your grass variety and location. Most of the time, watering deeply once a week will do the job. Deep watering encourages the grass to dig deeper roots, which helps the overall health of your lawn. If you step on your grass and it springs back up, you know that you’re on the right track moisture-wise.


Mowing is a calculated effort. The more thought and planning you put into it, the more you will get out of it when it comes to how to make grass greener. Make sure you remove any debris from your yard before you fire up your mower. Debris is not only a safety hazard, but sticks and rocks will dull your mower blades, making your mower less effective. During the spring and summer growing seasons, mow only the top third of your grass, keeping it between 3” to 3.5” tall. Taller grass develops a better root structure and blocks out weeds on its own. When the growing season stops this fall, you can cut it back down to a shorter height.


Nothing cuts out weeds better than a healthy lawn. Herbicides can be used, but be careful about the chemicals they may contain. Another way to help choke out weeds is to mow often, cutting off the heads of weeds like dandelions before they are able to spread.


Those little cylinders of dirt fight soil compaction. The holes allow nutrients, air, and water to penetrate your lawn, helping your grass grow deeper roots.


Seeding is all about choosing the right grass – or the right mixture of grass – for what you need. There are literally hundreds of grass varieties to choose from. Depending on the situation, sod may be a better option, too.

Lawn maintenance is definitely more complex than it seems. That’s why companies like Sunrise exist; we’re here to help when you can’t tackle it all on your own. We always customize our lawn services to our clients’ needs.

Still not sure how to make your grass greener? Save time and contract Sunrise!

Sunrise Landscape and Design is Northern Virginia’s premier landscaping company offering a full range of landscaping services.  Our landscape and design services include hardscapes, water features, irrigation and landscape lighting, year-round lawn maintenance and more. Our property maintenance services will keep your landscape vibrant and healthy year round with mulching, edging, garden cleanups, lawn mowing, tree pruning and mosquito/deer control. Contact us today for all your landscape and lawn care needs!

Serving the following Northern Virginia locations: Ashburn · Belmont Ridge · Brambleton · Broadlands · Centreville · Chantilly · Great Falls · Herndon · Lansdowne · Leesburg · McLean · Oakton · Potomac Falls · Reston · South Riding · Sterling · Vienna · Aldie · Willowsford


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Spring Landscape Clean-Up

Spring Landscape Clean-Up Essentials
for Loudoun County and Fairfax, VA residents.

Spring landscaping with blooming flowers and green grass Reston Leesburg Northern Virginia

With warmer temperatures and longer days, it’s hard to ignore the fact that spring is right around the corner and it’s time to think about a Spring Landscape Clean-Up. March is the perfect time for your yard’s spring clean-up and it’s not just about pruning and raking. We’ve complied a simple list of spring clean-up tasks for you to follow in your own yard:

Prune, pull, and cut!

Winter has most likely taken some toll on your yard. Prune away dead branches, pull out last year’s annuals, and cut back spent perennials. It’s a good time to go ahead and shape your hedges, too.

Clean up leaves, old mulch, and other garden and yard debris.

Old mulch and leaves can breed disease, both fungal and bacterial, which can hurt your plants and lawn. Debris, other than being unsightly, can be dangerous and costly. Running over sticks and other debris can cause lawn mower problems, like dulling the blade.

Speaking of lawn mowers, now is a good time to mow your lawn.

It probably isn’t overgrown all over, but it’s patchy. Mowing it now simply sets a nice stage for the growth coming very soon.

Prepare your lawn for seeding.

It’s a great time to prep dead spots for seeding in the months ahead.

It’s time for transplants!

Take those perennials and divide away. Fill in bare spots or share them with your neighbors… either way, you’ll be helping your own garden stay neat and clean.

Fix your hardscapes, fences, and trellises.

Maybe a snow plow took out part of your fence or your front path needs more gravel? Make repairs now before the weather gets too hot and the bugs come out in force.

Remove weeds.

It’s best to attack these guys when they are just sprouting. If you start pulling and spraying early, it will be easier to keep your weeds under control during the rest of the year.

Tune up your lawn mower and other equipment.

It’s best to find out any issues now before your grass is 10 inches tall. If you need to purchase a new lawn mower, stores such as Home Depot often have good sales, or better yet, contract Sunrise to maintain your lawn year-round.

Take pests and other animals into consideration.

If your neighborhood is a regular crossing zone for deer, you may want to abandon plants that appeal to them.

Plan, plan, plan.

Your spring clean-up would not be complete without a plan for your yard for the rest of the year. Figure out your annuals and diagram your vegetable garden. The more you prepare in advance, the better off you’ll be the rest of the year.

Don’t feel overwhelmed

Your spring clean-up may seem overwhelming, but it’s not. Just take it one step at a time. If you need help, contact Sunrise Landscape and Design.  We love spring clean-up jobs! And don’t worry – all the time and effort in hard work will pay off in May!

Save time and contract Sunrise!

Sunrise Landscape and Design is Northern Virginia’s premier landscaping company offering a full range of landscaping services.  Our landscape and design services include hardscapes, water features, irrigation and landscape lighting, year-round lawn maintenance and more. Our property maintenance services will keep your landscape vibrant and healthy year round with mulching, edging, garden cleanups, lawn mowing, tree pruning and mosquito/deer control. Contact us today for all your landscape and lawn care needs!

Serving the following Northern Virginia locations: Ashburn · Belmont Ridge · Brambleton · Broadlands · Centreville · Chantilly · Great Falls · Herndon · Lansdowne · Leesburg · McLean · Oakton · Potomac Falls · Reston · South Riding · Sterling · Vienna · Aldie · Willowsford


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Winter Landscaping Tips – Loudoun & Fairfax, VA

Winter Landscaping Tips and 12 Days of Christmas Checklist:

Winter is not often a time that people think about their landscaping, but it’s an important time of year to take the right steps to prepare your yard for the winter in order to ensure you have a beautiful yard in the spring. The month of December is a great time to check your winter list and have peace-of-mind until the warm weather returns.

If you are dreaming of a great outdoor space in the spring, this is also a perfect time of year to discuss your vision with our design team. We are able to install patios and landscaping until the first freeze, and if your community requires HOA approval, it’s best to start planning a large project during the winter to avoid delays installing when spring arrives. Want to see more photos? Check out our posts on Facebook!

Ready to prepare your yard for winter? Use our 12 days of Christmas landscaping tips and checklist is below. Happy holidays from all of us at Sunrise!

1st Day: Prepare your fire pit for winter with these helpful tips

  • Starting at the base of your fire pit, be sure to remove the propane tank after shutting off the gas line and valves.
  • Inspect the gas lines and portholes for any signs of damage or obstruction.
  • Clean the unit and accessories to sustain maximum efficiency. Be sure to thoroughly dry each area to prevent ice formation!
  • Keep moisture and other weather-related elements from damaging your fire pit with a vinyl cover.

2nd Day: Keep your freshly planted trees thriving this winter with these helpful tips

  • Continue to water your tree(s) regularly during the winter growing season.
  • Monitor any dead, diseased and damaged branches – don’t hesitate to call us for assistance when it’s dry.
  • Keep an eye out for invasive pest eggs that survive through winter (i.e. the spotted lanternfly)

3rd Day: Protect your foundation this winter with these helpful drainage tips

  • Clean your gutters to prevent excess water from overflowing!
  • Pipe all point sources of water away from your home.

4th Day: Allow your retaining wall to remain durable with these helpful tips

  • Make sure water is directed away from the wall.
  • Check for any loose stones, blocks, etc.

5th Day: IPM helpful tips

  • Check that dryer vent covers are intact to prevent pests from entering your home.
  • Keep bushes and tree branches trimmed back and away from your home to keep rodents from scaling and gaining access to your attic.
  • Identify post damage so you can treat at the appropriate time for the next season.

6th day: Hedges helpful tips

  • Keep hedge growth under control by getting them carefully trimmed before rapid growth in the early part of the year.
  • Now is the time to think about rejuvenation pruning, and cutting your hedges back for the spring.

7th day: Walkway pavers helpful tips

  • Make sure to clear away any debris to reduce stains.

8th day: Mulch tips

  • Fall mulching helps to protect plant roots throughout the winter.

9th day: Shoveling tips

  • Avoid metal shovels or scarpers at all costs! Utilize plastic shovels and snowblowers to clear your walkways.
  • Mark areas around your property that have obstacles (i.e. fire hydrants) that may get buried in the snow.

10th day: Planter tips

  • Cover your delicate plants with frost barrier fabric or burlap to avoid freeze damage.
  • With a sturdy, porous container (i.e. fiberglass or plastic) that can withstand the winter months, keep your potted plants buried in the ground with a bottom layer of gravel to facilitate drainage after the soil thaws in the spring.
  • Sheltering your potted plants in clusters close to your home can protect them from exposure to strong winds, as well as provide them with some heat.

11th day: Pruning tips

  • Pruning in the winter lessens the likelihood of attracting disease-carrying insects, which are easier to spot when trees are neatly pruned.
  • Get rid of those weak and damaged branches that may break off during a snow storm or in heavy winds.
  • Absent leaves make it much easier to improve branch patterns and allow for you manipulate growth for the next season.

12th Day: Deer Deterrent tips

  • Taste repellents (rather than odor repellants) applied in October, November, and December are the best option for deterring deer during the winter months once the ground is frozen.
  • Refrain from hanging bird feeds until after the first hard freeze to reduce the smell that entices the deer to draw them closer to your property.
  • Frequently letting your dog outside to leave their scent around your property can significantly reduce the return of deer.

Contact our experts at Sunrise

Sunrise Landscape and Design has been trusted by Loudoun County and Fairfax County residents and commercial businesses for over 37 years. If you are ready to enjoy your outdoor space, our team is standing by to discuss your landscaping needs.  Let’s get started.  Contact Sunrise Landscape and Design


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Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits – Loudoun & Fairfax, VA

backyard patio and fire pit fireplace loudoun va

Fall is a time abundant with warm and cozy associations.  Do you see yourself bundled up in a sweater with a warm mug of something delicious, enjoying the cool and crisp air?  Chances are this image includes an outdoor fire.  Whether you imagine an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit, there are several factors to consider in the planning and, as in most things landscape, location is first on the list.

Place your fireplace or fire pit

How trafficked is the area in which you are planning to place your fireplace/pit?  Should it be on a deck or patio adjacent to your home?  An outdoor fireplace or fire pit will extend your home’s living space, making it an area you can enjoy almost year-round, and increase your home’s property value.

Thinking about how you like to entertain will help you pick the best placement for either a permanent structure or a portable one.  For example, if you have a pool you might want to consider placing the fireplace or fire pit nearby; your friends and family will gravitate towards it after a dip.  On the other hand, if you have smaller yard, you might want to put it closer to your house and let the surrounding landscape be a strong supporting player.  Whatever you decide, size and scale is always important.  Sunrise Landscape and Design has lots of ideas and we are happy to help you pick the best location for what you want.

Decide how you will use your fireplace / fire pit

It’s also important to really think about how you will use your fireplace / fire pit.  An outdoor fireplace or fire pit will immediately become the focal point of your landscape.  The warm glow of a fire is always inviting.  Don’t forget to think about furniture placement around it, if you intend to create an area for lounging.  If you are considering an outdoor fireplace that can be used for cooking, remember to leave enough space for a dining table and chairs. Space requirements could affect the placement of the structure.  This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised to know how many people find themselves so excited by the idea of construction that they forget to  think about the additional space that will be needed for the outdoor seating area.

Design your fireplace or fire pit

The design process is often the fun part.  If you’re considering a fireplace, you can opt for a “built in” style, attaching it to the side of the home or another adjacent wall in the outdoor space.  Stand-alone options are also available.  Materials can range from brick, to different kinds of stones or marble.  A fireplace is often a permanent structure with a firebox and a chimney.  It can be the traditional rectangle, or it can be a square, round, or oval.  The essential element is a fireproof firebox that is large enough to fit the wood in comfortably.

The exterior can be entirely designed up to your specifications, in harmony with the rest of your home, but the style of your outdoor space should harmonize with the rest of your landscape.  For example, brick gives a timeless appeal and character, and there are brick veneers that are easy to work with.  Stone and rocks, such as river rock and flagstone, can offer a stunning and organic look.  Bear in mind, if your home is a brick colonial, you might not want to consider stucco. Though it’s a much more inexpensive material, stucco is a better complement to a Southwestern style home.  Consistency in style is important from an aesthetic perspective as well as a practical one.  The more harmonious all parts of your landscaping are, the more cohesive the look. A cohesive look translates into increased property value.

Contact our experts at Sunrise

Sunrise Landscape and Design has built many different fireplace/fire pit structures with a wide variety of materials. We will work with you to design the perfect fireplace/fire pit to fit in seamlessly with your landscape and provide the perfect space for entertaining and enjoying the cool fall evenings. Our experts have all of this in hand, so relax, you don’t have to put on your Fire Marshall hat when considering a fireplace or fire pit for your fall and winter enjoyment.  We can do it for you.  Contact Sunrise Landscape and Design to get started!

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Celebrating 35 Years in Business!

August is a big month for Sunrise Landscape and Design as we celebrate 35 years in business successfully serving our clients in Northern Virginia. As we take time to reflect on this momentous anniversary, we are excited to share some additional history, as well as an interview with our founder and CEO, Joe Markell.

In 1986, Sunrise Lawn and Landscaping Services, Inc., was established in Reston, Virginia. What started as a small shop with two employees (Joe as one of them) two mowers, and a pick-up truck (that had been in Joe’s family since 1964), has grown into a 40 employee extensive landscaping operation today, with a variety of trucks and equipment that allow Sunrise to accomplish virtually any landscape related task.

With a long history of the Sunrise name being used for various businesses within Joe’s family, Sunrise Lawn and Landscaping Services eventually became Sunrise Landscape and Design in 2007 and has continued to evolve as a trusted name that has earned a reputation for excellence in full-service landscape maintenance and design-build.

We had the chance to catch up with Joe and ask him to reflect a bit on the last 35 years as a landscaping expert and a business owner. Here is what he had to say and the knowledge he shares with others:

How long have you lived in the area?

I have lived in the Northern VA area my entire life over 56 years (except when I was a student at VA Tech).

Tell us about your background – have you always worked in landscaping?

I have worked in agriculture/landscaping most all of my life. I did some commercial construction for a brief time along with some summer remodeling work. I started driving tractors and mowers when I was probably 8 years old and I have never looked back.

What made you start Sunrise Landscape and Design? 

It was something that really intrigued me and I felt passionate about it. I have always loved working with machines and being outside. Over time I developed a love for plants and how they function in the landscape along with incorporating hardscape materials to make a space functional, usable, and enjoyable to be in.

What has been a favorite moment in running and owning Sunrise over the last 35 years?

One of the things that I enjoy is our day of service that the industry does at Arlington Cemetery.  A group of landscape professionals work together to add some elements to the cemetery that really improves the landscaping for guests and even the employees who work there. That is a humbling place to be invited to work and it’s gratifying to spend a half day once a year working as volunteers within our industry to improve the landscape of such an important location for so many.

In addition to Arlington Cemetery, every day there is something that really brings me great deal of job satisfaction as we focus on helping customers solve landscaping issues or bring their dream landscapes to fruition. I also enjoy seeing our employees grow into more responsibility and leadership and always take time to appreciate what we have accomplished each day as a company.

What advice do you have for people starting new businesses? Especially during a global pandemic?

  • Don’t give up; things will be tough, especially when dealing with people who lack the knowledge that’s needed to run a successful business.
  • Find the right people to be on your team, you cannot do it alone!
  • Take the time to enjoy whatever it is that you are doing. All of your hard work is for something.

What is your best landscaping tip or trick? 

Use the right tools/equipment for the right job and everything will be a lot easier!

What project stands out the most in your mind as a favorite?

We have done some really great projects over the years. One that stands out is a vanishing edge pool with a great pavilion and a hardscape that tied everything together with a great variety of trees and shrubs to enhance the entire outdoor space.. That was done 8 or so years ago and it looks better every year.

What is your vision for Sunrise in the future? 

My focus is to continue to grow in a steady controlled manner while developing the people that come to work every day and put in a great effort to get things done with quality and practicality for our customers to enjoy.

Ready to start your landscaping project? Contact us to discuss your project in detail.

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Landscape Benefits – Northern Virginia

Benefits of Landscape Design Northern Virginia

Benefits of Plants, Gardens, and Landscape Design

The benefits of landscape design go far beyond simple appearance. In Northern Virginia, a well-planned and expert-designed landscape provides a wide range of cost-saving, environmental, and health benefits for you, your family, and your community.

Cost-saving Landscape Benefits

Lower heating and cooling costs

Seasons in Northern Virginia can bring drastic temperature changes. Planting trees and other plants around your home can block the heat of the sun in the summer and provide insulation against heat loss in the winter. This natural temperature regulation means lower heating and cooling bills for you, year-round. Proper landscaping can save you up to 25% in energy bills. As a bonus, lower electricity usage means a lower environmental impact.

Increase property value

Landscaping not only increases your home’s curb appeal, it can actually increase the value of your home. On average, landscaping yields a 109% return on every dollar spent. This makes landscaping one of the top home improvement options to increase your home’s value.

Environmental Landscape Benefits

Control rainwater and potential flooding

Storms are common in Northern Virginia in spring and summer, but landscaping can reduce the risk of flooding and control rainwater runoff by absorbing water through both leaves and root systems. Landscaping can also improve water quality by absorbing pollutants in the water. You can learn more about drainage solutions on our drainage and erosion landscaping page. 

Health and Well-Being Landscape Benefits

Clean the air

In addition to cleaning rainwater, a well-designed landscape can also clear the air around your home. Trees and other plants absorb particles in the air that can cause pollution in the atmosphere. This increases air quality, reduces odors, and can even decrease harmful chemicals in the air.

Block noise and light

Many homes in Northern Virginia are close to neighbors or busy streets. Natural landscapes absorb noise pollution, reduce street sounds, and block street lights, creating a private oasis for you to enjoy day and night.

Reduce stress

Many studies have shown the benefits of plants on mental health. Regular exposure to plants and green spaces can reduce anxiety, stress, and depression and increase productivity, attention, self-esteem, and happiness. Creating a space for your child to play, either alone or with friends, can encourage mental and physical development as well as mental well-being.

No matter what landscape benefits you’re looking for in your Northern Virginia property, our expert team at Sunrise Landscape and Design is here to help. Get a quote to begin creating the perfect landscape for your needs and lifestyle.

Read more:

Economic, Environmental, and Health/Well-Being Benefits Associated with Green Industry Products and Services

An Update of the Literature Supporting the Well-Being Benefits of Plants: A Review of the Emotional and Mental Health Benefits of Plants

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Patio and Walkway Repairs – Fairfax County and Loudoun County, VA


Hardscape Herndon and Reston, VA

Winter weather can exacerbate issues with patios, walkways, and other hardscapes on your property. Take a look at how your Fairfax County or Loudoun County hardscapes are holding up this winter and see if you might need patio or walkway repairs to prepare for a nice spring outdoors.

Frozen weather is hard on patios and walkways and can cause issues that require repairs. Water, in the wrong place, can freeze and thaw in a cycle that creates movement, leading to problems with materials above and below the surface. This motion can cause settling of improperly installed base materials, leaving sunken pavers or concrete walkways separated from front landings. If water has any opportunity to infiltrate into the wrong place within your hardscape, it will.

Signs of trouble are typically easy to spot, but it’s a good idea to start looking for problem areas before the spring rains arrive. If you do uncover issues, a professional can assess the severity of the damage and implement patio and walkway repairs that can prolong the life of your hardscape. With the right repair solution, you’ll be able to enjoy your investment as soon as spring in Loudoun and Fairfax counties makes its debut.

Signs of Patio, Walkway, and Other Hardscape Issues

Walkway repair in Fairfax County and Loudoun County VA

Indications of patio, walkway, and hardscape problems are usually easy to see. Take a walk around your property and look for these warning signs that may require repair:

Retaining walls, firepits, and fireplaces:
  • Cracks
  • Crumbling
  • Loose bricks or pavers
  • Movement (e.g., bowing or leaning (unlevel), signs of separation)
Patios and walkways:
  • Areas that appear to be sinking
  • Pavers that are moving or shifting
  • Cracks in concrete or mortar joints, space developing between pavers
  • Pitting
  • Spalling (i.e., pieces are chipping off)
  • Pooled water
  • Loose step treads

Patio, Walkway, and Other Hardscape Repairs

While it may seem like you can repair your patio, walkway, or other hardscaping on your own, it’s best to have an expert fix any problems. Sometimes issues that seem minor are more significant and extensive than you think. A skilled professional will be able to diagnose the cause of the patio or walkway damage and suggest repairs that will prevent further issues down the road.

Paver issues:
  • Just like with concrete, shifting pavers is often a sign of the ground below moving – either due to settling or erosion. One misplaced paver may just need new joint sand. If there are dips or indications of sinking though, the whole area may need to be re-leveled with a focus on solving whatever is causing the earth to move.
  • Chipped, cracked, or pitted bricks should be replaced not only for safety, but to avoid more widespread issues in the future.
Wall cracks and movement:
  • Problems in any standing feature, like a retaining wall or fireplace, pose serious safety concerns and should be addressed immediately. Small issues may be able to be repaired or patched, while more extensive ones may require the hardscaping to be completely redone.
Concrete troubles:

Patio repair in Fairfax County and Loudoun County VA

  • Cracks must be sealed or patched using a special concrete-repair caulk. If left untreated, water will permeate the cracks and freeze, creating more pressure on the area and making the damage worse.
  • Pooling water is a sign of drainage issues. Your expert will suggest a drain to effectively channel water away from your home and its foundation.
  • Pitting and spalling needs to be addressed by resurfacing or patching.
  • Sinking is a sign of a major issue. The slab may need to be lifted so that the ground underneath can be re-leveled with sand or gravel and then tamped down. If the earth is eroding under the concrete due to water, then a drainage solution will also be needed. Because concrete tends to have issues with water damage, often removal and replacement with a more tolerable material is the best course of action.

Tips for Maintaining your Hardscape During the Winter

  • Refrain from using rock salt or ice-melting chemicals on any surfaces during the winter. Instead use sand or kitty litter.
  • Seal/re-point any cracks immediately.
  • Remove snow as quickly as possible. If water is able to seep into hardscaping and then refreeze, it can cause significant issues.
  • Make sure water is properly running away from your home and any hardscaping.

If you see any signs of damage to your hardscape this winter, contact Sunrise Landscape and Design. We will identify the root of the problem and take steps to repair your patio, walkway, or other hardscape properly.

Our knowledgeable team can work with any hardscape material, and we have experience solving complicated hardscaping and drainage issues in Fairfax County, Loudoun County, and across Northern Virginia. Don’t hesitate; a few repairs now will translate into an entire year of beautiful and functional outdoor living.

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Lawn Maintenance – Loudoun County, VA

Lawn maintenance Loudoun County, VA

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to think of New Year’s resolutions. Why not make lawn maintenance a part of your plan for 2020 in Loudoun County?

Winter is the best time to start

Winter is actually the best time to sign up for a lawn maintenance contract. Now is the time to get organized and commit to activities that will enhance and enrich your life. Establishing a lawn maintenance contract now will put your mind at ease for the rest of the year. Your Loudoun County lawn and landscaping needs will be taken care of, and you can enjoy results without worrying about the time and effort required to maintain the landscape you want.

Lawn maintenance includes seasonal clean-up

A lawn maintenance contract may offer multiple levels of lawn care. As you begin to plan your year, think about the types of service you will want. Seasonal clean-up is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming task that really enhances the beauty of your landscape.

Seasonal clean-up is usually in the spring and fall in Loudoun County and may include removing debris from mulch beds such as leaves, branches, spent perennials, and weeds, as well as edging, mulching, and cultivating the beds. As you lay out your plans for the year, be sure to include what you need to meet the goals you have for your landscape.

It’s more than just mowing

Lawn care involves more than just mowing. The maintenance of a well cared for Loudoun County lawn may include core aeration and overseeding, trimming, edging, weed control, lime application, and more. Again, think about the goals you have for your lawn and how a lawn maintenance contract will help you to meet those goals.

Contact us for a quote!

Sunrise Landscape and Design is more than happy to help you lay out your plans and select a Loudoun County lawn maintenance contract to meet your landscaping goals for the year. We make it easy for you by breaking your payments into 12 equal installments over the course of the year. You can rest easy knowing your 2020 goals for your landscape and lawn will be taken care of. Simply enjoy the results.

View our year-round lawn maintenance packages here.

Looking for a custom landscape maintenance plan? Contact us for a personalized quote. Happy 2020!

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Prepare Your Lawn for Winter – Reston, VA

Winter lawn preparation Reston, VA

As the temperatures fall and the days get shorter, many of us prepare ourselves to stay warm indoors. But before we do, here are some tips from Sunrise Landscape and Design to prepare your lawn for winter in Reston and across Northern Virginia.


Now is a great time to fertilize trees and shrubs and cultivate existing mulch. Before the ground becomes frozen, root systems can still take up nutrients so that plants are healthy and ready to grow in the spring. Apply lime and a late-fall fertilization to prepare your Reston lawn for winter. The grass will look better through the winter months and increase root development for a better and earlier spring appearance.

Mix Up Mulch

Over time mulch becomes compacted and doesn’t let water through. Mix it to break it up. As a bonus, it will also look like you put a fresh layer down.

Prune and Protect Plants

Examine your plants and prune out damaged or broken branches. Any damage will only become worse with heavy snow or ice. Just like us, plants can be sensitive to the cold. Newly established landscapes and less-hardy plants can be wrapped with burlap to protect them from cold temperatures and wind.

Keep Deer Away

With less green in the landscape, deer are even more likely to become permanent fixtures in your Reston lawn. Now is the time to start applying deer repellents.

Fill Bird Feeders

Plants aren’t the only things that need attention. As you prepare your lawn for winter, fill up your bird feeders if you don’t keep them replenished year-round.

Clean Gutters

As you are putting up Christmas lights, clean the debris out of gutters so snow and ice can melt and run off the roof properly.

Mow One Last Time

Mostly likely you will soon be mowing for the last time of the season. If you have a mulching mower, you can mulch up the few remaining leaves in the turf. Also, cut the turf a little shorter so that blowing debris doesn’t get caught in it.

Store Your Tools

After your fall yard work is done, winterize your mowers, blowers, and trimmers so they are ready to go when spring arrives.

If it sounds like too much of a task to prepare your lawn for winter, contact us for a personalized quote. Sunrise Landscape and Design has a team of professionals who are more than happy to do the hard work for you in Reston and across Northern Virginia!

You can also check out our full lawn service maintenance packages to prepare your lawn for winter!