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Winter Landscaping Tips and 12 Days of Christmas Checklist:

Winter is not often a time that people think about their landscaping, but it’s an important time of year to take the right steps to prepare your yard for the winter in order to ensure you have a beautiful yard in the spring. The month of December is a great time to check your winter list and have peace-of-mind until the warm weather returns.

If you are dreaming of a great outdoor space in the spring, this is also a perfect time of year to discuss your vision with our design team. We are able to install patios and landscaping until the first freeze, and if your community requires HOA approval, it’s best to start planning a large project during the winter to avoid delays installing when spring arrives. Want to see more photos? Check out our posts on Facebook!

Ready to prepare your yard for winter? Use our 12 days of Christmas landscaping tips and checklist is below. Happy holidays from all of us at Sunrise!

1st Day: Prepare your fire pit for winter with these helpful tips

  • Starting at the base of your fire pit, be sure to remove the propane tank after shutting off the gas line and valves.
  • Inspect the gas lines and portholes for any signs of damage or obstruction.
  • Clean the unit and accessories to sustain maximum efficiency. Be sure to thoroughly dry each area to prevent ice formation!
  • Keep moisture and other weather-related elements from damaging your fire pit with a vinyl cover.

2nd Day: Keep your freshly planted trees thriving this winter with these helpful tips

  • Continue to water your tree(s) regularly during the winter growing season.
  • Monitor any dead, diseased and damaged branches – don’t hesitate to call us for assistance when it’s dry.
  • Keep an eye out for invasive pest eggs that survive through winter (i.e. the spotted lanternfly)

3rd Day: Protect your foundation this winter with these helpful drainage tips

  • Clean your gutters to prevent excess water from overflowing!
  • Pipe all point sources of water away from your home.

4th Day: Allow your retaining wall to remain durable with these helpful tips

  • Make sure water is directed away from the wall.
  • Check for any loose stones, blocks, etc.

5th Day: IPM helpful tips

  • Check that dryer vent covers are intact to prevent pests from entering your home.
  • Keep bushes and tree branches trimmed back and away from your home to keep rodents from scaling and gaining access to your attic.
  • Identify post damage so you can treat at the appropriate time for the next season.

6th day: Hedges helpful tips

  • Keep hedge growth under control by getting them carefully trimmed before rapid growth in the early part of the year.
  • Now is the time to think about rejuvenation pruning, and cutting your hedges back for the spring.

7th day: Walkway pavers helpful tips

  • Make sure to clear away any debris to reduce stains.

8th day: Mulch tips

  • Fall mulching helps to protect plant roots throughout the winter.

9th day: Shoveling tips

  • Avoid metal shovels or scarpers at all costs! Utilize plastic shovels and snowblowers to clear your walkways.
  • Mark areas around your property that have obstacles (i.e. fire hydrants) that may get buried in the snow.

10th day: Planter tips

  • Cover your delicate plants with frost barrier fabric or burlap to avoid freeze damage.
  • With a sturdy, porous container (i.e. fiberglass or plastic) that can withstand the winter months, keep your potted plants buried in the ground with a bottom layer of gravel to facilitate drainage after the soil thaws in the spring.
  • Sheltering your potted plants in clusters close to your home can protect them from exposure to strong winds, as well as provide them with some heat.

11th day: Pruning tips

  • Pruning in the winter lessens the likelihood of attracting disease-carrying insects, which are easier to spot when trees are neatly pruned.
  • Get rid of those weak and damaged branches that may break off during a snow storm or in heavy winds.
  • Absent leaves make it much easier to improve branch patterns and allow for you manipulate growth for the next season.

12th Day: Deer Deterrent tips

  • Taste repellents (rather than odor repellants) applied in October, November, and December are the best option for deterring deer during the winter months once the ground is frozen.
  • Refrain from hanging bird feeds until after the first hard freeze to reduce the smell that entices the deer to draw them closer to your property.
  • Frequently letting your dog outside to leave their scent around your property can significantly reduce the return of deer.

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