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The Dirt on Turf Renovation

Fall is the perfect time to rehabilitate your lawn. Turf renovation can give your landscape the boost it needs to survive the winter and come back stronger than ever in the spring. It eradicates weeds, improves nutrition, and establishes new grass in areas that badly need it. If you would like a vibrant, healthier lawn, then turf renovation might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. How do I know if I need to Renovate My Turf? You are a good candidate for lawn renovation if: 20-40% of your lawn is bare, dead, or covered by weeds Thatch – the organic layer of decomposing stems and roots at the soil surface - is greater than ½” thick When is Turf Renovation a Bad Idea? If your lawn has severe issues, it may be past the point of restoration and in need of being replaced. If you have any of the following problems, consult a landscape professional before you waste precious time and energy trying to restore your lawn. Over 40-50% of the lawn is dead or covered in weeds Soil is unreasonably compacted Previous efforts to alleviate thatch have been unsuccessful How Do I Renovate My Turf? 1.  Get a soil test. A soil test will give you invaluable information in regards to what is going on inside your lawn. Virginia Tech’s Department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences offers a $10 soil test (http://www.soiltest.vt.edu/) for in-state residents. They analyze your sample and provide a nutrient breakdown in return, detailing exactly what your grass needs for optimum health. 2.  Replenish soil moisture. If you are coming off of a dry summer, soak your lawn to a depth of 6-8" before you do anything else. The