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Looking back – The Sunrise Story

Sunrise Landscape + Design have been part of the Northern Virginia community for over 27 years. Originally formed in 1986 as Sunrise Lawn and Landscaping Services in a small shop in Reston, the company has grown to over 40 employees and an assortment of equipment and vehicles. The Sunrise name has been synonymous with the owner, Joe Markell's family for over 60 years. Sun Rise Dairy, located in Reston, was owned by Joe's great grandparents and Sunrise Amoco located off Baron Cameron Avenue, was owned by his father and grandfather. As Northern Virginia developed and changed, Sunrise Lawn and Landscaping Services evolved into Sunrise Landscape + Design. However, the commitment to deliver quality products, timely service and provide an outstanding experience for each client has remained the same for all of these years. The” Sunrise Way” is built on the principles of honesty and integrity. Just like a handshake was a contract and your word was a bond, Sunrise Landscape + Design stand behind their products, promises and service. Being a leader in their industry, Sunrise focuses on sustainable landscape solutions for both residential and commercial clients.  When creating landscape designs, they use plantings that are native and thrive in the climate and soil of Northern Virginia. They also focus on being "green" by recycling material used at each installation, install LED lights in their holiday and outdoor lighting systems and use and install water runoff systems to maximize rain water. Being earth friendly is another component of the "Sunrise Way" to reduce their carbon footprint and create environmentally friendly landscaping systems. Their commitment to their community, environment and clients are the reasons Sunrise Landscape + Design have been part of Northern Virginia for over

Increase the Value of Your Home

Maybe you are hopeful that with the housing market improving you will be able to sell your home to upgrade or relocate in the less-than-distant future. How much impact will that patio or hedge you’ve been considering have on your ultimate home value? More than you think! There are many elements that can impact home sales and values. The Northern Virginia area has a somewhat unique set of circumstances that contribute to the end result. The overall economy has changed conditions somewhat over the last few years. That being said, there is some data that indicates how important it is to have an attractive lawn and landscape to maximize your investment in your home. The Washington, D.C.-based American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) suggests you should invest 5 percent to 10 percent of your home’s value on landscaping over the course of time you live in your home.  There is good reason to believe that you will recuperate most if not all of that investment when you sell. A study reported by the Horticulture Department of Auburn University stated that there was a consistent increase of 5-11% in perceived home value when homes with good landscaping versus comparable homes with nonexistent, fair, and poor landscaping. These results were consistent through seven different states included in this study. Design sophistication, the type that only seasoned landscape professionals consistently provide, and appropriate plant size were named as two of the most important elements that affected potential buyers’ opinion of a home’s worth. It isn’t just the actual price of the home that is impacted, but the amount of interested potential home-buyers, bids, and the speed of the sale. If two homes on the same street are in

Extend the Outdoor Season

With the days getting shorter and the temperatures dropping, you may be resigning yourself to hunkering down indoors until spring. That does not have to be the case; there are ways to spend time outdoors, or on your patio, even in colder weather. Have you ever considered a fireplace or fire pit? There are fabricated units such as the ‘Foyer’ fireplace from Techo-Bloc, or this fire pit kit from E.P. Henry. We can also build custom units such as the ones below that can be viewed on our website. A fireplace can not only provide warmth and atmosphere in chillier weather but everyone knows how much children love roasting marshmallows.  The prolonged darkness can also be battled through the use of a low-voltage lighting system. Your residence and landscaping can be lit in ways to provide many dramatic effects. Lighting your walkways and patio can not only be useful but offer increased safety as well. The product that we use most often is Unique Lighting Systems, they have developed numerous innovations in the field and when you hold one of their fixtures in your hand you will understand the value and how they can have a lifetime  guaranty.     Sunrise Landscape + Design has experienced designers and installers that can make these projects into a reality for you so that you can ‘extend the outdoor season’. If you would like more information on how we can extend your outdoor season check out our website or give us a call at 703.544.0028.