Celebrating 25 Years in Business

Yes it is hard to believe but Sunrise is celebrating over 25 years in business. If you take the business name of Sun Rise it has been in my family since the 1930’s when my great grandparents were operating Sun Rise Dairy. It is amazing to look at the changes that have occurred since I started back in 1986. A gallon of gas was $.89, a movie ticket was $2.75 and computers were just coming available. We are so much more efficient now than we were back then due to the technology of computers and communications, even mowers are more productive. We have survived 4 (?) recessions, numerous Presidents and several natural disasters (hurricanes, and several 12” snow storms). As with any business we have had our ups and downs, our share of great employees and not so great employees; but our core values have not changed all that much. We have always tried to serve our customers needs and bring value to what we do. Landscaping is a part of everyone’s life; from the parks we visit, the athletic fields we play on, the yards and outdoor living spaces we have at our homes are all areas that have touched our lives and give us great memories. That is what I have of my years in business; great memories and milestones that I am very proud of. We have developed a great facility, great people, quality work and safe equipment, and a base of great customers that we are adding to every day. Sunrise is a company you can trust to be professional, look out for their customer’s interests and deliver the quality that their customers have come to rely on. I

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