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Benefits of a Lawn Maintenance Contract

Your landscape is a “living” investment and like a financial investment it can be extremely beneficial to let the experts manage your investment.  Lawn maintenance contracts can take the worry and uncertainty out of lawn care through all seasons and through all types of challenges. A lawn service may include many levels of care; each level should be evaluated based on your specific needs.  A basic lawn maintenance contract may include mowing, trimming, edging and blowing of grass clippings throughout the seasons on a weekly basis or as often as needed.  The benefit of a basic lawn service may simply be the time it saves you.  Your time is valuable and this level of service will allow you to spend the time it takes you for basic lawn maintenance elsewhere. More advanced levels of lawn service will not only free up your time, but will provide you the expertise that may be needed to maintain your landscape.  Lawn care is not just mowing.  Advanced lawn maintenance contracts may include care to address lawn challenges such as broadleaf weeds and grubs.  It may also include services to enhance the beauty and health of your lawn such as fertilization, core aeration and overseeding. In addition to lawn care, a lawn maintenance contract can also provide basic and advanced levels of care for your garden beds.  Spring and fall clean-up can be extremely time consuming and require specialized knowledge for maintaining trees and shrubs.  A basic service may include seasonal cleanup, tree pruning and mulching while a more advanced service may also include ornamental tree pruning and garden visits. Leveraging the experience and expertise of a landscaping company such as Sunrise for your lawn maintenance can save you