Fall Lawn Care – Core Aeration and Overseeding Tips

The cooler fall season is the best time for getting your turf ready for the winter and next year's growing season. There are 3 key areas of focus for Fall Lawn Care to help you get a thick, lush, beautiful lawn. They are core aeration (to relieve soil compaction), seeding (to fill in bare spots) and fertilization (to give the turf the nutrients it needs to grow). For this article we will be focusing on Core Aeration and Overseeding. Core Aeration is simply the removal of small soil plugs, or cores, out of your lawn. The most effective way to do core aeration is mechanically with a core aeration machine designed to do this type of work. A Core Aerator machine extracts soil plugs and deposits them on your lawn. The holes left from the cores are usually 1-3 inches deep. The function of the core aeration is primarily to relieve soil compaction. A few other benefits are the ability to get air, water and nutrients down into the soil and into the roots of the turf. It also allows for good soil to seed contact for improved seed germination. The best time to aerate your Northern Virginia lawn is from mid-August to mid-October. Overseeding is the action of spreading grass seed onto existing turf areas. Seeding annually in the fall allows you to introduce different varieties of seed that are more disease resistant, more drought tolerant or just better aesthetically in your lawn. A good blend allows the different types of seed to take over if another variety is struggling. Overseeding is an easy way to keep your lawn looking healthier, greener and thicker for the remaining year and the next. The best time