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Hardscapes + Structures

Ashburn landscape, mclean landscape, great falls landscapeWalls of stone, patios of brick, walkways, paths, and gazebos all add functionality to your Great Falls landscape. Now you can have a cocktail party on the pool terrace or roast marshmallows over a warming fire. Your morning coffee and newspaper are more enjoyable on a patio where you can hear bird songs and chipmunks. A game of catch on the grass is possible now that your lawn is made level by retaining walls. What is the common element of all these outdoor rooms? The answer is properly built hardscapes and structures, which, when incorporated wisely into your landscape, look as though they’ve always been there.


Landscapes + Gardens

Ashburn landscape, mclean landscape, great falls landscapeA gravel path leads to a garden gate. Stroll along it. Listen to the crunching sound your shoes make in the pebbles. When you reach the gate, open it. What do you see? The backyard you see may be a woodland style garden that echoes the hills and streams of the Virginian wilderness, or it may be a parterre garden wrapped around a brick patio that complements your colonial house. Perhaps your Great Falls townhome garden simply needs some fresh greenery to give you privacy from the neighbors or the rolling grounds of your property need to be graded to drain away stormwater runoff. Whatever the landscape issue or need, and whether your landscape is expansive or pocket-sized, we will help you step into the world of your choosing.


Water Features

Ashburn landscape, mclean landscape, great falls landscapeSkip rocks on a pond or watch water slide in sheets over a black cube of stone. Listen to drops fall, one by one slow drop (ping) into a moist grotto.A wall fountain nearby bubbles or a waterfall rushes next to the lap pool. Perhaps there is no sound at all but rather the echo of sound as when you sit next to a reflecting pool whose depths are as unknowable as the seeping waters of Hades. Whatever your preference, we can add a measure of delight and peace by creating water features that are both clean and easy to care for.



Landscape Lighting

Ashburn landscape, mclean landscape, great falls landscapeA struggle against darkness confronts many residents of Great Falls in the fall and winter. The sight out of the kitchen window before the sun rises is cold blackness. Stepping down the stairs, or walking to and from your car in the dark is sometimes hazardous. But, if your garden or property was artistically lit with low-voltage landscape lights, the view might be of a Crape Myrtle, with its vase-like shape silhouetted against a wall. A softly illuminated pathway would allow you to take a quiet walk in your garden after nightfall.
Dinner on the patio is more inviting with glowing wall lights. The architectural features of your home are now highlighted, so that it stands out in the dusk as a refuge of comfort and relaxation. LED lighting is the new way to light up the landscape, and offers significantly lower electric bills, more reliability, and longevity. With low-voltage LED lighting installed, the dark nights and early mornings are pleasant. Whether the lighting design is for safety or enjoyment, we can illuminate the way together.


Holiday Lighting

Ashburn landscape, mclean landscape, great falls landscapePreparing for the Holidays is something all of us struggle with every year. Sunrise now offers holiday light installation and design to eliminate one more item on your “To Do” list.

We use high efficiency LED lights to keep your energy bill low and prevent burned out or broken bulbs. We use all of the most popular light styles, with colors like traditional warm white, red, green, blue, and more. Installing wreaths, garlands, and other ornaments will add holiday spirit to your home.

We can help you design a beautiful lighting display that will make your Great Falls home a warm and inviting gathering place for friends and family. We’ll even store the lights neatly and securely at our facility, so that you can save garage and attic space, and avoid the hassle of untangling the light strands each season.


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In addition to our landscape and design services, we also specializes in lawn care and grounds maintenance. Whether you have a commercial or residential property, our team of experts will keep your landscape looking beautiful year round.

Seasonal Services

Lawn Care and Grounds Maintenance Services

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