Lawn Service – Sterling

Lawn Service – Sterling

Sunrise offers a range of lawn services for retaining the health and beauty of your Sterling landscape. We offer Spring and Fall Cleanups, mulching and edging to see you through each season. Our lawn mowing services will save you time and maintain the beauty of your lawn. Our Garden Visits will help you with weed control and the maintenance of your trees and shrubbery. All of these lawn services can be customized to meet your individual needs as a lawn service customer.

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Lawn Care

lawn serviceKeeping your lawn green and well-nourished is something our lawn technicians excel at. Aside from regular mowing, your lawn will require lawn services in the form of fertilization, and disease and weed control at different times during the growing season. We also provide lawn renovation which includes top dressing, reseeding and slit-seeding. Our IPM practices prevent grubs from moving in. Core aeration promotes good soil structure and liming, applied in the form of pellets, ensures that pH levels are acceptable for plant nutrient uptake. Let us help you with the maintenance of your Sterling lawn so that you can relax and simply enjoy it in all its verdant luxuriance.

Core-aeration and Overseeding

lawn serviceCore-aeration and over seeding is used to keep the turf vigorous. The aerating machine pulls small cores of soil and thatch from the ground. The cores are left on the turf areas to break down naturally to replenish soil nutrients. Aeration helps break down thatch, relieves soil compaction and allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the root zone. Core-aeration and over seeding is most effective when bundled with the topdressing service.



Irrigation Seasonal Care

lawn serviceIn the spring, the system will be charged, and the controller will be turned on and programmed to your satisfaction. Each station will be checked; heads will be checked and adjusted as needed. There will also be two visits, one in July and one in August to make sure your system is working properly. Any major repairs will be noted and after authorization, will be repaired. During winterization, the system will be turned off at water source, and the controller will be turned off. Backflow will be drained out to prevent freezing. All lines will be blown out with compressed air. Please call our office for a lawn service pricing request.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

lawn serviceSpring cleaning in the Sterling garden is a time for preparing planting beds. Soil and mulch need to be turned over to maintain soil structure, edges need to be re-established, bulbs transplanted, grasses and perennials cut back. Lawns need to be cleared of leaves and other debris scattered by the winds of winter. And while spring may be a time for renewal, fall is a time to get things in order before the onset of the dormant season. This means that leaves need to be cleaned up, plants cutback, and bulbs planted for the following year. Our variety of lawn services will ensure that you have a beautiful landscape year round.

Sunrise also offers the following landscaping services:

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