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30 Things You Could Be Doing Other Than Yard Work

What could you be doing if you didn’t have to battle the heat and bugs to keep your landscape looking well maintained and beautiful? We’ve compiled a list of 30 things you could be doing when you leave the yard work and landscape maintenance to us.   You could be… 1…antiquing. We live in an area full of antiques! Try Leesburg, Fredericksburg, Winchester, or Frederick, MD for some good finds. 2… having a water gun fight. With or without kids, there’s nothing better to beat the summer heat than an old fashioned water gun showdown. 3… reading a good book. Did you know that there are 600,000 to 1,000,000 new books published in the United States every year? 4… trying out a new recipe. Cucumber salad? Yes, please. 5… visiting the zoo. Have you seen Bei Bei, the new Giant Panda cub? How about Jetty, the sea lion? If you haven’t been out to the National Zoo lately, it’s worth the trip. 6… taking a nap. According to the National Sleep Foundation, “a short nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve mood, alertness and performance.” 7… writing an old friend. Bring back the lost art of writing. Think of how thrilled one of your friends would be to find an actual handwritten letter from you in their mailbox! 8… trying a new restaurant. Maybe you’ll find a po-boy made of burnt ends (Sweet Nola’s in Winchester) or Whiskey Duck Nachos (Monocacy Crossing in Frederick) – whatever it is, it’ll be worth the drive. 9… riding roller coasters at Kings Dominion. Another kid favorite, sometimes it’s easy to forget that we live so close to an amusement park. If rides aren’t your thing, check out