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Control Weeds, Don’t Let Them Control You

When the prospect of working on your yard includes a special line-item for weed-pulling and killing, it’s time to get serious.   Summer passes us by all-too quickly, and the specter of spending the entire season pulling weeds is not really enjoying it to the fullest.   We can help you avoid weed growth at its inception as well as help you sort through all the products available by pinpointing what will work best for your landscape and flowering plants and will also be safe for your pets.   The specific form of weed prevention is dependent on the type of weeds you have.  There are three basic types:   Broadleaf Weeds: These are by far the most common weeds found in gardens.  They include dandelions, ground ivy, white clover, chick week and violets. Grassy Weeds: They look like grass and behave like it.  They include crabgrass, goose grass and yellow foxtail. Sedge Weeds: These are found in marshes, bogs and low-lying damp areas. Most herbicides don’t work on sedges. Common sedge weeds include wild onion or garlic, and Star of Bethlehem   The best method of weed prevention in your grassy areas is good lawn maintenance and care.  You want to grow a strong and robust lawn that can outgrow the weeds.  It is important to identify the type of grass you have, and its optimal height. Longer grass will shade the ground and keeps it cooler so that weed seed germination is slowed down.  Once weeds do sprout, they don’t have as much sunlight for the needed growth if the grass is a little longer. Mowing on a consistent basis keeps the weeds you’re not able to pull from seeding your lawn.   If

Controlling Weeds in Your Landscape

Weeds are invasive plants that at a minimum can disrupt the appearance of a well-maintained landscape and worst case can destroy or take over your landscape.  Protecting your landscape from weeds not only maintains the beauty of your landscape, it also preserves the investment of time and money you may have put into your property.  Sunrise Landscape and Design has over 30 years of experience in weed control in Northern Virginia and offers many services to protect your landscape. Weed Control Services Pre-emergent Weed Control with Fertilizer:  When it comes to controlling weeds, it is always best to stop them before they sprout.  Once they have sprouted, their roots are well established and are more difficult to remove.  The timing of applying weed control is important.  If applied too early, the weather may dilute the pre-emergent and the weeds will grow unencumbered.  We apply our pre-emergent weed control with fertilizer twice a season, once in early spring and again in late spring.  Combining pre-emergent with fertilizer will help prevent crabgrass and other weed seeds from germinating. Broadleaf Weed Control: Dandelions and other broadleaf weeds are among the common weed problems in lawns.  They are generally easier to treat, have wider leaves, and often flower. They include thistles, dandelions, spurge, and clovers. Most lawns are spot-treated to help reduce the chemicals introduced into the environment, however, if the weeds are growing throughout the lawn, then the entire lawn will be treated.  If more than 60 percent of a lawn is covered with weeds, then the lawn should be considered for a complete renovation. Garden Visits: If the thought of maintaining your landscape and controlling weeds throughout the growing seasons is overwhelming, Sunrise offers a full-service landscape