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Controlling Weeds in Your Landscape

Weeds are invasive plants that at a minimum can disrupt the appearance of a well-maintained landscape and worst case can destroy or take over your landscape.  Protecting your landscape from weeds not only maintains the beauty of your landscape, it also preserves the investment of time and money you may have put into your property.  Sunrise Landscape and Design has over 30 years of experience in weed control in Northern Virginia and offers many services to protect your landscape. Weed Control Services Pre-emergent Weed Control with Fertilizer:  When it comes to controlling weeds, it is always best to stop them before they sprout.  Once they have sprouted, their roots are well established and are more difficult to remove.  The timing of applying weed control is important.  If applied too early, the weather may dilute the pre-emergent and the weeds will grow unencumbered.  We apply our pre-emergent weed control with fertilizer twice a season, once in early spring and again in late spring.  Combining pre-emergent with fertilizer will help prevent crabgrass and other weed seeds from germinating. Broadleaf Weed Control: Dandelions and other broadleaf weeds are among the common weed problems in lawns.  They are generally easier to treat, have wider leaves, and often flower. They include thistles, dandelions, spurge, and clovers. Most lawns are spot-treated to help reduce the chemicals introduced into the environment, however, if the weeds are growing throughout the lawn, then the entire lawn will be treated.  If more than 60 percent of a lawn is covered with weeds, then the lawn should be considered for a complete renovation. Garden Visits: If the thought of maintaining your landscape and controlling weeds throughout the growing seasons is overwhelming, Sunrise offers a full-service landscape

The Right Mulch for Your Landscape

It seems like every year there’s a new type of mulch sitting at the home improvement store. From colored varieties to chips and shreds, it can all get very confusing. Each mulch has its benefits and its drawbacks, so it's best to make an informed decision before you make the investment.  Sunrise Landscape and Design spring clean-up services include the application of high quality mulch to prepare your landscape for the coming months. Why is Mulch Important? Mulch plays many roles in your landscape. Its most crucial features are the ability to hold in heat and moisture, which protects fragile roots from temperature fluctuations throughout the entire year. It also prevents the growth of weeds and helps to inhibit erosion. Without mulch, your garden is completely exposed to the elements – and that is not only bad for your plants, but it’s also bad for your curb appeal. Mulch Types and Details Shredded Hardwood The most common mulch you’ll find around Northern Virginia is shredded hardwood. It has a natural look and blends well into any landscape. It also works well on slopes. It should be spread one to three inches thick and can last up to three years. Colored mulch is a popular trend. Colored versions tend to decompose more slowly than normal mulch.  Be careful of the actual color selected. Some colors clash with the natural landscape and are not appealing to most people. Wood Chip Wood chips are wonderful at retaining water, and because they break down faster than shredded mulch, they boost the amount of nutrients in your soil. Wood chip mulch can last up to four years. It is also weed-free and doesn’t blow away easily. It’s important to note

10 Tips for Preparing Your Landscape for Spring

Even though we're still thinking about snow, it's a good time to start preparing your spring to-do list for your lawn and garden. You can call it a spring cleanup or simply summer prep, but if you fail to take some action before blooms arrive in a few months, you'll see that your landscape will quickly get out of control. The more work you get done now, the easier your lawn and garden will be to maintain the rest of the year. Sunrise Landscape and Design spring cleanup services will help prepare your landscape for the spring and summer months. Strategize. Before you move a muscle, you should decide how you want your landscape to look this year. If you need a little inspiration, the internet is full of beautiful and creative ideas. Do you want to make any significant changes to your landscape? If so, decide now so that you can avoid putting effort into areas that you'll be transforming in a month or two anyway. If you need some assistance, Sunrise landscape design professionals ready to help! Plan. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of planning. If you are adding annuals, new shrubs, or even trees to your yard this year, map out where you want them to go. Keep the size of the plant at its maturity in mind; no one wants a tree growing into the side of their house or a bush covering a beautiful front window. Also, think about plant textures, colors, and heights while plotting out your garden beds. Mixing things up will make your beds more attractive and balanced. Edge. Creating a strong border between your garden beds and your lawn will make your landscape look more

Spring Clean-up Essentials

With warmer temperatures and longer days, it’s hard to ignore the fact that spring is right around the corner. March is the perfect time for your yard’s spring clean-up and it’s not just about pruning and raking. We’ve complied a simple list of spring clean-up tasks for you to follow in your own yard:     Prune, pull, and cut! Winter has most likely taken some toll on your yard. Prune away dead branches, pull out last year’s annuals, and cut back spent perennials. It’s a good time to go ahead and shape your hedges, too. You could do some light shaping, but as soon as the big push of spring growth happens, you’ll do the major shaping. Clean up leaves, old mulch, and other garden and yard debris. Old mulch and leaves can breed disease, both fungal and bacterial, which can hurt your plants and lawn. Debris, other than being unsightly, can be dangerous and costly. Running over sticks and other debris can cause lawn mower problems, like dulling the blade. Speaking of lawn mowers, now is a good time to mow your lawn. It probably isn’t overgrown all over, but it’s patchy. Mowing it now simply sets a nice stage for the growth coming very soon. Prepare your lawn for seeding. It’s a great time to prep dead spots for seeding in the months ahead. It’s time for transplants! Take those perennials and divide away. Fill in bare spots or share them with your neighbors… either way, you’ll be helping your own garden stay neat and clean. Fix your hardscapes, fences, and trellises. Maybe a snow plow took out part of your fence or your front path needs more gravel? Make repairs now