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To Sod or Not to Sod

Now that you’ve had time to survey your lawn properly, what do you do if your grass needs a bit of renewing? You have two options to bring your grass back to its former glory. If the majority of your lawn is free of weeds and undesirable grass areas, then now is the time to seed new grass. Overseeding and eliminating weeds can rejuvenate your lawn. This is by far the cheaper option, but the reality is that this won’t bring you results for weeks. However, if you have the patience, seeded grass is, on the whole, better, since it develops a stronger root system from the very beginning. Also, with seed, grass develops in the same environment in which it will live, so you don’t run the risk of transplant issues. Once grass seed is spread, you will want to limit all traffic in the area. It is easily disturbed if you have small children or pets, so it’s best to cover with hay to protect it from birds and wind and cordon off the area until you are confident that growth will occur. On the other hand, if the majority of your yard is in need of lawn renovation, sod could be the right choice for you. This is especially true if you enjoy more immediate gratification, and financial considerations and are not your top priority. Sod grass rolls will provide you an “instant” lawn, from dirt to green vistas in one day. However, it’s imperative the installation is done by a professional. Professionals will work with sod farmers who do the growing work for you. Quality, state-certified sod will have few or no weeds. Handled and installed properly, new sod takes just