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How to Get Your Lawn Mower in Shape for the Spring

Finally, it looks like it’s time to bring that mower out of hibernation for Spring and Summer.  Given the weather we’ve had lately, it’s been touch and go.  However, now that it seems that snow is on hold until Winter, it’s time to prep your mower for its upcoming busy season. Prepping your mower appropriately can help you avoid costly maintenance or even replacement later.  So, empty out the grass collection bag if you forgot last year and grab that owner’s manual, it’s time to evaluate your mower for optimum performance. Disconnect the spark plug boot before performing any kind of maintenance work. If you see signs or corrosion or dirt, clean the spark plug with a wire brush.  If it doesn’t start, then once your maintenance is complete, install a new spark plug. Consider having the blades sharpened or replaced.  If they need replacement, make sure you do so with a blade that is designed for the make and model of your mower.  While the blade is off, it is a good time to clean the underside of the mower – use a putty knife to remove any caked-on grass. Just like cars, to keep the engine protected you should change the oil. This should be done at least once a year or after 50 times of use.  Look at your owner’s manual to make sure you get the right type of oil. Install a new fuel filter if needed and add fresh fuel. Be sure to empty any residual fuel from last year before adding new. Ensure theair filter is clean. Paper air filters need to be replaced. Gently scrub foam air filters with hot water and detergent and be sure to allow