Loudoun Times 2017 Fall Guide to Homes

Be sure to read the article on Sunrise Landscape + Design in the 2017 Fall Guide to Homes from Loudoun Times.  For easy readability, we’ve reproduced it below.  You can see the full guide here.  Sunrise is featured on pages 24-25.   Sunrise Landscape Partners with Clients to Achieve Success By Kristin Crosby Water features promote relaxation and can hide noise In 1986, Joe Markell decided to start a landscaping business with an old pick-up truck, two mowers, and one employee.  Over 30 years later, Sunrise Landscape + Design has grown much larger than its humble roots.  Markell has an impressive array of trucks and landscaping equipment and more than 40 employees serving every inch of Northern Virginia.   The Sunrise name has actually been in the Markell’s family for over seven decades.  His great grandparents ran Sun Rise Dairy in the Herndon area, and his grandfather and father operated Sunrise Amoco on Route 7 in Reston.   Sunrise Landscape + Design is all about upholding the family legacy with quality and value.  “Our goal is to keep customers for life,” says Markell.  The company prides itself on partnering with customers and creating relationships with them.  Not only is that the best way to meet and exceed expectations, but it also allows them to satisfy the needs of every client.   Sunrise offers a wide variety of landscape management services, from lawn care and fall cleanups to core aeration and pruning.  On the design side, they “can visualize what customers want in a way that functionally works,” says Markell.  They work on everything from patios and retaining walls to water features and landscape lighting.  Sunrise also works on both residential and commercial properties

Sunrise Landscape + Design – Curb Appeal Infographic

Sunrise Landscape and Design believes its all about the landscape!  Enjoy our info-graphic on Creating Curb Appeal!                                                         Sunrise Landscape and Design is Northern Virginia’s best landscaping company, offering a full range of landscaping services. Our landscape and design services include hardscapes, water features, irrigation and landscape lighting. Our property maintenance services will keep your landscape vibrant and healthy year round with mulching, edging, seasonal cleanups, lawn mowing and tree care. Contact us today for all your landscape and lawn maintenance needs!

Protecting Your Spring Plants from Frost

After spending hours and hours planting and fertilizing this spring, you don’t want to fall victim to a late frost. That white glaze may look beautiful, but it can be devastating to your flowers, vegetables, and even young fruit trees. If you know the warning signs and a few simple tricks, though, you’ll be able to keep your plants happy and healthy despite any temperature fluctuations. What is Frost? Frost is a layer of ice crystals that forms as water vapor condenses and freezes. When most people talk about frost, they are typically referring to a light frost, which occurs when the temperature dips below 32° Fahrenheit. If the temperature drops below 25° for four straight hours, it is called a hard freeze. Your young, tender plants may be able to survive a light frost without help, but a hard freeze would mostly likely kill them. Warning Signs of Frost We’ve compiled a list of frost indicators to help you know the weather patterns and planting features that support – and don’t support – frost. Keep in mind, though, that your garden and flower beds have their own unique microclimate. Your neighbor may experience a frost when you don’t, and vice versa. Note: According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, there’s a 50% chance every year that there will be no frost after April 6th in our area. If you don’t like those odds, check your local weather forecast every evening for frost warnings. Signs that Frost may be Coming: The dew point is below 45° The sky is clear There’s no breeze You’ll Probably be Safe if: The daytime temperature reached over 75°, making it unlikely to dip below 32° at night. The sky is

Planning Your Big Landscape Changes for 2017

Even though we just recently went through our first snowfall of the season, it’s already time to start thinking about what you’d like to change in your landscape this spring. While maintenance is always important, the things you need to be planning right now are the bigger and bolder design elements of your landscape – like hardscapes, water features, and landscape lighting. These elements can make a huge impact on your appearance of your lawn, but they also require a lot of forethought before warmer weather arrives. Hardscapes Hardscaping consists of the man-made features that contrast with your plants. They can be made out of concrete, brick, pavers, tiles, stone, or wood. While some hardscapes are meant to spotlight and frame your landscape, others can provide you with year-round outdoor living spaces. Regardless of your preference, make sure that your hardscape looks like it flows smoothly and fits in with your garden and lawn. There’s nothing worse a feature that sticks out in a bad way. Hardscapes include: Retaining Walls Walkways Patios Fire Pits Fireplaces Outdoor Kitchens Water Features Often called waterscapes, water features include anything involving water in your landscape. Nothing adds visual interest to your yard like a water feature. And contrary to popular belief, many features require minimal maintenance. If you are looking to add a soothing, relaxing element to your landscape, then a water feature may be just right for you. Common water features include: Pools Waterfalls Fountains Ponds Landscape Lighting Once you invest in hardscaping or a water feature, you'll want to enjoy it all day long – even when it's dark outside. Landscape lighting can highlight unique characteristics of your home or landscape, enhancing its curb appeal and giving

Our Next 30 Years – Sunrise Landscape and Design

We’ve celebrated our 30th anniversary a lot this year. It’s amazing to think that we’ve been around for three whole decades. Just think: when we started, “In Your Eyes,” “Addicted to Love,” and “Manic Monday” were on the radio! We wanted to take a minute as 2016 winds down to reflect on where we think our next 30 years will go. What industry trends, consumer desires, and personal transformations will emerge? We may not know exactly what lies ahead, but the future looks pretty exciting to us! Industry Trends The landscaping industry is going to have to be more cost-effective and efficient in the future, with an emphasis on higher-quality, durable materials. Alternative Fuels: The biggest change in the industry will be in technology. Trucks will be equipped with solar panels to charge blowers and trimmers, and small, hand-held machines will have batteries that can be charged with solar powered chargers mounted on the trucks. Larger equipment can be powered by propane. These alternative fuels are more environmentally friendly and will be less expensive than gas, allowing companies like ours to stay cost-effective. Better Technology: In addition to alternative fuels, next-generation batteries will hold their charges longer. Other technological advances – particularly in software, email, smartphones, and other devices will expedite communication as well as help streamline operations – enhancing the customer experience and allowing the industry to become even more efficient.  Improved Materials: It seems like every day, new materials are being introduced into the marketplace that put the old ones to shame. The idea of painting your deck to avoid deterioration or rot is now a task of the past. There's already some faux stone on the market that holds up to the

The Importance of Trees in Your Landscape

Trees are just as crucial to your landscape as a vibrant, healthy lawn. They benefit both the environment and the communities in which they are planted, saving energy and cleaning the air we breathe. Trees create jobs, provide protection from the elements, and even support healing. Aesthetically appealing areas. Trees are beautiful. They can define your driveway or become a focal point in your yard (with the help of landscape lighting). They also mark the seasons, giving us gorgeous flowers in the spring and brilliant foliage in the fall. Trees can enhance any landscape. Natural Food Producers Trees are a wonderful source of both beauty and food, including apples, cherries and nuts. They give us beautiful flowers in the spring and delicious fruit in the fall, which is fun for the picking. Check out Winchester, Virginia both at apple blossom time in the spring and apple picking time in the fall.  At times, it boasts the largest apple storage in the world!  Northern Virginia is also famous for its beautiful flowering cherry trees. Wildlife Refuges Trees make great homes. They provide housing for all kinds of wildlife – from birds and bees to squirrels and Monarch butterflies. Trees also help out another kind of "wildlife": children. Treehouses and tire swings offer all kinds of fun during the warmer months. And for older "wildlife," two shade trees can create a great hammock spot for napping and reading. Places of peace. Trees provide healing. Studies show that patients with views of trees heal better (and faster) than other patients. Children with ADHD also benefit from trees, showing fewer symptoms when they have access to nature. Energy Savers and Creators Trees help save the environment. They can cool

Sunrise Landscape and Design 30 Favorite Plants!

In honor of our 30th Anniversary this year, we’ve come up with a list of our 30 favorite plants. These plants reflect our 30 years of experience in carefully selecting and maintaining plants to enhance and beautify all landscapes. They may be flowering plants showcasing the spring, or transitional plants that add beauty and character in all seasons. Hopefully you’ll see a couple on this list that are new and intriguing to you, or you’ll learn something interesting about your old favorites. Perennials Daylily 1.     Nepeta (catmint) – Best to plant in spring or fall, these soft green mounds are covered with tiny lavender-blue flower spikes from late spring to early summer. 2.    Daylilies (reblooming) – Even though they are considered to be “rebloomers,” most daylilies of this variety continuously bloom from early summer to fall. 3.    Agastache – This is another perennial that has long-lasting flower spikes, with flowers varying on each variety from peach to purple. They are great at tolerating heat and are beloved by hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. 4.    Astilbe – Unlike spikes, Astilbe provides an airy, feathery appearance to your landscaping. They love moist, shady spots, but can tolerate full sun with the proper watering. The light, fluffy flowers come in red, white, blue, and pink. Astilbe 5.    Ice Plant – These are great plants for drier, more difficult spots in your garden. It’s a succulent ground cover with flowers that look almost like daisies, but come in pink, white, yellow, or purple. 6.    Helleborus – Fairly deer and rabbit resistant, these flowers are great for a shady border and bloom for 6-8 weeks in early spring. 7.    Heuchera

Tips to Consider When Designing a Pond

Integrating a pond into your landscape is a large investment in your landscape. Pond construction requires meticulous planning to ensure proper drainage and filtration.  All elements of your pond, such as water lilies and other water plants, as well as goldfish and other small pond fish need to be taken into consideration for all elements of your pond to thrive.  If done right, a beautifully designed pond can transform your landscape and create a peaceful retreat for all to enjoy.  Below are some tips from Sunrise Landscape and Design to consider with designing a pond. Choose the right location – Fish ponds need partial sunlight in order for the water plants that the fish feed on to grow. Avoid building your pond under trees.  Tree debris can clutter a pond with leaves as well as change the chemical composition of the water which can affect the fish. Decide on the size – The most important function of size is making sure the pump is strong enough to keep the pond water moving and filtering properly. Decide on depth – The desired features of your pond may dictate the necessary depth.  Fish require a deeper pond to keep them safe from natural predators.  The types of water plants will also determine depth.  Some plants thrive in deeper water. Identify garden runoff – Garden runoff from rain or lawn watering often contains fertilizer chemicals, lawn clippings and other debris that may enter and mix with your pond.   Closely inspect your landscape to ensure that garden runoff into the pond will not be an issue. Check soil stability – Make sure your soil is stable enough to support a pond in your desired location.  Once the pond is

Sunrise Landscape and Design – What we Love About Landscaping

This year, as Sunrise Landscape and Design celebrates 30 years in business, we are incredibly thankful for the relationships we have formed with our clients, vendors, business associates and employees. We are especially proud of the work performed and the results achieved by our employees. In honor of this milestone we asked our employees what they liked about being in the landscaping industry. Their responses depict their commitment and love for the job. Enjoy what our employees have shared! 1.  Building beautiful patios 2.  Changing the view of houses 3.  The seasonality makes our work ever changing and always interesting 4.  Seeing our finished product of work 5.  Creating outdoor spaces where homeowners relax and enjoy time with nature, family and friends 6.  Helping make client’s dreams come true 7.  There are new things and new challenges throughout the year based on the seasons 8.  Creating a good design - smart horticultural choices, aesthetically beautiful lines and shapes, colors, and textures 9.  Seeing how a design comes together and how it works to really improve a customer’s property and its value 10.  Watching customer’s properties being transformed is rewarding 11.  Getting to be outdoors 12.  Using my imagination 13.  Our company employs a wide array of employees and working with them is fun 14.  Enjoying nature and how we can manipulate it to provide a beautiful landscape 15.  Seeing people happy after the completion of a project 16.  Educating clients on their landscaping 17.  There is versatility 18.  Get to wear casual clothes 19.  Get to make things pretty and be a tree hugger 20.  Find it relaxing 21.  Love working in the dirt 22.  The smell of fresh cut grass 23.  Getting to be

Spring Clean-up Essentials

With warmer temperatures and longer days, it’s hard to ignore the fact that spring is right around the corner. March is the perfect time for your yard’s spring clean-up and it’s not just about pruning and raking. We’ve complied a simple list of spring clean-up tasks for you to follow in your own yard:     Prune, pull, and cut! Winter has most likely taken some toll on your yard. Prune away dead branches, pull out last year’s annuals, and cut back spent perennials. It’s a good time to go ahead and shape your hedges, too. You could do some light shaping, but as soon as the big push of spring growth happens, you’ll do the major shaping. Clean up leaves, old mulch, and other garden and yard debris. Old mulch and leaves can breed disease, both fungal and bacterial, which can hurt your plants and lawn. Debris, other than being unsightly, can be dangerous and costly. Running over sticks and other debris can cause lawn mower problems, like dulling the blade. Speaking of lawn mowers, now is a good time to mow your lawn. It probably isn’t overgrown all over, but it’s patchy. Mowing it now simply sets a nice stage for the growth coming very soon. Prepare your lawn for seeding. It’s a great time to prep dead spots for seeding in the months ahead. It’s time for transplants! Take those perennials and divide away. Fill in bare spots or share them with your neighbors… either way, you’ll be helping your own garden stay neat and clean. Fix your hardscapes, fences, and trellises. Maybe a snow plow took out part of your fence or your front path needs more gravel? Make repairs now