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Holiday Lighting Tips From Sunrise Landscape and Design

It may seem impossible, but the holiday season is right around the corner. It's time to break out the hot cocoa, eat some cookies, and unpack the holiday decorations. At Sunrise, we love this time of year because it means we get to install holiday lighting for our clients.  There's nothing better than transforming a property into a holiday destination. Installing lighting is a risky business; ladders and electricity deserve a lot of respect. If you are planning on creating your own holiday retreat this year, here are some tips for making the process simple and safe: 1. Decide where you want lights.  On your home, it’s fun to light up entryways, windows, and architectural elements (like your roof). You can also highlight paths, fencing, and landscaping features. In your yard, bushes can be brightened with net lights and tree trunks are great for wrapping strands around. 2. Measure and plan ahead. You don't want to go to the store twice! Measure how much you'll need by taking a string and putting it wherever you want lights. If you know how long the string needs to be, you'll know how many strands of lights you'll need. As a general rule of thumb, trees require 100 lights per vertical foot (but larger trees could need more). 3. Choose your bulb size. Mini lights are the ones that look like candles and are only 5/8” tall. C6 bulbs are shaped like a strawberry and are ¾” in diameter, and 1 1/8” tall. C7 bulbs are a little rounder and are 1” in diameter, and 1 ½” tall. C9 bulbs are the largest, measuring 1 ¼” in diameter and 2 1/2” tall. If you see a G-series light,