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Landscape Professionals Participate in Renewal & Remembrance at Arlington National Cemetery

SUNRISE LANDSCAPE AND DESIGN, a member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals, participated in Renewal & Remembrance at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday, July 17, 2017.  This marks the 21st year that industry professionals have worked to help care for this national burial ground that serves as the final resting spot for more than 400,000 military service men and women and their spouses.  Every July, hundreds of landscape and lawn care professionals come from across the nation to Arlington National Cemetery to participate in Renewal & Remembrance which is organized by the National Association of Landscape Professionals. They volunteer their time mulching, upgrading sprinklers, cabling and installing lightning protection for the trees, pruning, planting, liming and aerating the soil. “Our members look forward to this opportunity each year to give back to the individuals who made personal sacrifices for their country,” said Sabeena Hickman, CAE, NALP CEO. “We consider it a privilege to be able to volunteer our time and talents to improve the health and beauty of the grounds at Arlington National Cemetery, one of our nation’s most sacred places.” SUNRISE LANDSCAPE AND DESIGN has been a serving Northern Virginia for over 30 years. This year marks the 12th year that Sunrise has participated in Renewal and Remembrance. Led by owner, Joe Markell, Sunrise is helping obtain materials for and installing 180 annuals, planting over 50 trees and supervising the installation of a paver patio area for visitors to use as a waiting area when loading buses. “Today was a great day of hard work showcasing what we do as landscapers and giving our time back to a great memorial for those who have given their lives to allow us the freedom to

Happy 30th Anniversary Sunrise Landscape and Design!

Sunrise Landscape and Design is now entering its 30th year of providing superior landscape and design and lawn care services to Northern Virginia. We have come a long way in 30 years, all the while providing the same commitment and high standards to designing, creating and maintaining beautiful landscapes. Our first landscaping and design trucks took on the name and the color of our original family business which originated over 70 years ago as the Sun Rise Dairy located in Reston/Herndon Virginia. With the start of Sunrise Landscape and Design, we decided to continue with the color and name for our business. Not only did it represent our family history, but also our long standing commitment to excellence.   Now, 30 years later we have over 40 employees and numerous Sunrise vehicles. Our landscapes and designs are enjoyed all over Northern Virginia. Our philosophy is simple, Sunrise Landscape and Design is committed to providing the best personal landscape experience to residential and commercial clients throughout Northern Virginia by using innovative designs, sustainable practices, experienced employees, and ethical business standards resulting in the realization of the client’s landscape vision.     We have done it all! Our landscape and design experience includes water features, outdoor structures with fire pits, landscape lighting, retaining walls, paver patios and much more. Our landscape maintenance services have grown over the years to include full service offerings of lawn care and landscape maintenance. Your landscape is an investment that should be enjoyed for many, many years and Sunrise Landscape and Design has been there the last 30 years to ensure this.     We provide garden visits to make sure your landscape reflects your landscaping vision and has all the elements

Looking back – The Sunrise Story

Sunrise Landscape + Design have been part of the Northern Virginia community for over 27 years. Originally formed in 1986 as Sunrise Lawn and Landscaping Services in a small shop in Reston, the company has grown to over 40 employees and an assortment of equipment and vehicles. The Sunrise name has been synonymous with the owner, Joe Markell's family for over 60 years. Sun Rise Dairy, located in Reston, was owned by Joe's great grandparents and Sunrise Amoco located off Baron Cameron Avenue, was owned by his father and grandfather. As Northern Virginia developed and changed, Sunrise Lawn and Landscaping Services evolved into Sunrise Landscape + Design. However, the commitment to deliver quality products, timely service and provide an outstanding experience for each client has remained the same for all of these years. The” Sunrise Way” is built on the principles of honesty and integrity. Just like a handshake was a contract and your word was a bond, Sunrise Landscape + Design stand behind their products, promises and service. Being a leader in their industry, Sunrise focuses on sustainable landscape solutions for both residential and commercial clients.  When creating landscape designs, they use plantings that are native and thrive in the climate and soil of Northern Virginia. They also focus on being "green" by recycling material used at each installation, install LED lights in their holiday and outdoor lighting systems and use and install water runoff systems to maximize rain water. Being earth friendly is another component of the "Sunrise Way" to reduce their carbon footprint and create environmentally friendly landscaping systems. Their commitment to their community, environment and clients are the reasons Sunrise Landscape + Design have been part of Northern Virginia for over

An Idea turned into a Tradition: Giving back to Sycolin Creek Elementary School

Giving back and educating the Loudoun community are two core principles infused into the team at Sunrise Landscape + Design. One of the opportunities to give back came while dropping off Dillon, son of Sunrise Owner, Joe Markell, off at school. In 2009 Dillion, attended the two years old Sycolin Creek Elementary School where the grounds were bare. There were no trees to sit under and read a book or to offer shade to those students that were too hot from the summer sun.  With an idea and a desire to give back to their community, Sunrise Landscape + Design decided to donate trees and shrubs to Sycolin Creek Elementary School and teach their students about proper planting, pruning and the benefits of planting trees for their school. Now in their fifth year, the dedicated team at Sunrise Landscape + Design just completed their annual Arbor Day plantings at Sycolin Creek Elementary. Over the past five years, Sunrise has donated two Saucer Magnolia’s, three Kwansan Cherry and Willow Oak Trees, three Zelkova’s, a Maple Tree and a new bench for the front of the school. An idea has become a tradition that everyone involved looks forward to each year! Are you interested in Sunrise Landscape + Design’s Education and Community involvement programs? If so, Contact Us to learn more! Contact Sunrise Landscape and Design, Northern Virginia’s premier landscaping company for all your lawn maintenance needs.  We are a full service landscape contractor serving Northern Virginia's Fairfax County and Loudoun County.  Whether you need landscape design with water features, landscape lighting, walkways and patios or lawn maintenance services such as lawn mowing, mulching turf care, leaf clean-up or garden clean-up we work with you to

Is Your Lawn Dead, Dying or Just Sleeping?

Snow lovers, let’s face it. This winter has been a bust in terms of snowfall (so far!) With another polar vortex coming this weekend, we have to wonder what these bitterly cold temperatures are doing to our lawn. Although the snow totals have been low, we have experienced a freeze-thaw-refreeze environment this winter. This is very damaging to turf, especially the roots, which can become almost frost bitten and eventually die. So looking at your lawn now, is it dead, dying or just sleeping? Many of us hope that Punxsutawney Phil was wrong with his predication for six more weeks of winter. Matter of fact, with the warm up tease this past weekend, we had hopes that spring will come early and that groundhog was wrong. But old man winter is not done with us yet and by the look of yards around Northern Virginia, the frozen tundra that takes place this weekend are really beating up on turf. If your lawn is brown when the pre-spring melt starts to occur; your turf or sections of your turf are in fact dead. If your brow grass starts to slowly turn back to green, your turf has been sleeping or hibernating this winter. The easiest way to determine if your turf is dead is to gently pull on the blades in the brown sections. If the blades show resistance then you might be able apply CPR and save that area. If the blades do not show resistance and come up with a gentle pull, the roots are waiving the white flag and this section is dead. So how can you revive your dying turf or even start over and prepare for the spring melt? Start monitoring

Leaf Removal is Important to Your Lawn

Yes it is that time of year where leaf clean ups and removals are going on all around us.  Did you know that 75% of our fall waste stream is leaf debris?  Most municipalities and even some private collection stations take this leaf debris and compost if for future use in planting or mulching around trees and shrubs!  For many landscape companies leaf clean ups and removals are a service that is provided to their clients for many reasons: 1)      One big reason to remove excessive leaf debris from parts of your landscape is that it can smother turf and actually kill some of the new grass that you just planted!!!  Wet matted leaves can not only cut off the air supply to the turf-grass plant but they also block out the sun which the leaves need to turn into energy for food storage in the root areas for the upcoming growing months.  So save your turf and get the heavy leaf accumulations off the grass over the winter months.  During the growing season it is not an issue due to the turf being mowed on a regular basis.  And by the way it is great for the soil and the turf if some of the leaves are chewed up and returned to the soil.  You just want to make sure the leaves don’t smoother the turf blades! 2)      For safety reasons it may be good to remove leaves from driveways, sidewalks and other hard surfaces as many of you may have found out; leaves are slippery, especially when wet!!!  Leaves also can mask other hazards such as holes or other items that you cannot easily see which can cause you to trip or fall.

Tree Planting at Sycolin Creek Elementary School

Sunrise Landscape and Design donated and planted a Star Magnolia tree and 3 holly bushes to celebrate Arbor day and Earth Day at Sycolin Creek Elementary School in Leesburg, Va on April 26th. The planting this year adds to a partnership celebrated during Arbor Day that was started 4 years ago when Sunrise owners Joe and Allison Markell’s children entered the elementary school. Sydney Dunlap's third grade class was the group that was able to witness the planting, and even help by planting the new tree. The Star Magnolia was planted along the front entrance of the school and joins a Red Maple, three Saucer Magnolias and two Kwansan Cherries planted in previous years. Several children in the class have been able to participate in, and learn from, the tree planting since they were in Kindergarten in 2010. The class was able to help mulch the Magnolia and learn about protective maintenance of trees once they are planted. Sunrise hopes that by providing this service to the school it will not only improve the aesthetics of the school and the school's footprint, but will also encourage the students to be more aware of their impact on their environment and hopefully pass the knowledge they gained about proper planting to their parents and families.  Sycolin Creek Elementary Principal, Derek Racino was also in attendance.