Landscape Watering Tips for the Hot Summer Months

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Landscape Watering Tips for the Hot Summer Months

The heat of summer has arrived, and your landscape is feeling it! To keep your landscape beautiful throughout the hot summer months it is crucial to water your lawn and gardens appropriately. While your outdoor water usage will rise during the summer months, it does not have to cost you a fortune.  Understanding what your landscape needs and smart watering can keep your landscape green and healthy well into the fall. Sunrise Landscape and Design offers the following information and tips.


How Much to Water

Grassy areas need an average of 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week to stay green and lush. This water can come from either irrigation or rainfall, but it is important that your lawn gets a good drink.


Depending on the types of plants and flowers you have, landscaped areas have varying needs when it comes to water. It is essential to learn about your plants and their sunlight and water requirements. For example, turf grasses tend to consume the most water compared to other plants, and newer plants or trees will need more frequent watering than established ones. Shady areas that don’t get much sunlight may not require as much water or frequency. Be sure to incorporate mulch around shrubs and plants to help minimize evaporation, inhibit weed growth and prevent erosion.


You should provide enough water that the soil isn’t dried out within an hour or two of watering. You also don’t want puddles or extreme sogginess– this means you are overwatering the soil which can be just as bad as under watering.


Landscape Watering Tips

  • Take advantage of irrigation systems. Newer automatic irrigation systems or sprinkler sets can help make your watering routine easier and even take care of your lawn while you’re traveling. If you need help maintaining an existing system, Sunrise Landscape and Design can help.


  • Use Mulch! Mulching the surface of flower beds can help reduce evaporation, moderate soil temperature and prevent erosion. This is important for root development and increasing your water efficiency. Mulch can reduce diseases and slow down weed growth. It also looks great!


  • Always water in the morning! The best time to water is between 2AM and 10AM, when the winds are calm and the water doesn’t evaporate as quickly.


  • Water slowly to avoid run-off and let the soil dry out in between each watering session. If you overwater continuously, the plant will not be able to get the proper oxygen, resulting in drowning. It is essential to let the plant have time to breathe so that it stays healthy.


  • Be Efficient. It is important not to waste water, even if your area is not currently in a drought. Be aware of where the water is going. Adjust your system or methods if you notice your sprinklers watering the sidewalk or areas with pooled water. Pay attention to nature. If you recently had downpours in your area, you may not need to water for a while. Being efficient with water saves money and the environment.


Keeping your landscape lush and beautiful during the hot summer months does not have to be difficult or result in excessive watering bills.  Water smart landscapes and effective watering methods are all you need to enjoy your landscape well into the fall.  Sunrise Landscape and Design has over 30 years of experience in maintaining beautiful landscapes in Northern Virginia. Contact us for help in creating and maintaining your landscape!

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