The Value of Beautiful Shrubs in Your Landscape

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The Value of Beautiful Shrubs in Your Landscape

Shrubs are an integral part of a well-designed landscape, providing visual height in your garden in the area between the lawn and trees, offering color and privacy as well as food and shelter for birds and butterflies.  In many ways, shrubs serve as the backbone of good landscape design.  Properly planted shrubs add an extra visual element that can continue to add interest in the Fall and Winter months, as well as provide several other tangible benefits that may not be immediately apparent when you’re designing and planning your landscape.

The well-chosen shrub can first and perhaps foremost anchor your house to the surrounding landscape.  The height of well-placed shrubbery can give your eye a place to rest between the trees and a flower bed planted with small to mid-size annuals, perennials and grasses.  In addition, when you choose a flowering shrub, you brighten your early growing season days, adding another dimension of color to your landscape.

The shrub is also a utilitarian workhorse.  Think carefully about what your immediate needs are before deciding where to plant.  If you need shelter from wind or sun, shrubs are excellent protection against both.  Placing shrubbery near an air conditioning unit can keep the unit shaded, and planting them near windows or near a sidewalk can reduce heat.  Aside from it being aesthetically pleasing, this is an excellent way to make your little corner of the world a little more “green.”

Shrubs are also a safe haven for birds, butterflies or other insects.  Again, choosing the right shrubbery can make all the difference in the ecology you invite into your landscape.  Taking that into consideration into the overall aesthetic can make the difference in a well-designed and thought out landscape.

Now is the perfect time to plant shrubs, nurseries are stocked full of many different varieties.  Let us help you put together a landscape plan that will include the best shrubs for your needs and your budget; this is the time to add dimension, function and add a little ‘wow’ factor to your landscape. Contact Sunrise Landscape and Design today to add shrubs in your landscape!


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