Landscape Planning for Spring

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Landscape Planning for Spring

Winter is the time when your landscape is clearly visible, for better or for worse.  Take a moment now to assess your surroundings and plan for any renovations and additions you may have dreamed about while hunkered down during the long Winter.  Get that Pinterest board ready and start collecting ideas!

spring landscape, landscape planning for springYour barren trees and less-than-robust bushes and greenery give you the opportunity to really evaluate what changes you’d like to make before Spring is in full bloom.  After all, our yards are now extensions of our living space, an “extra room,” and should reflect how we enjoy spending our free time, whether we’re entertaining, creating a cozy space to spend time alone, or creating more room for your kids to play.

Think back to what worked and what didn’t last year.  If you love to entertain, did you have enough space on the patio?  If you have pets, perhaps they’ve worn a path in your lawn.  Is there more mud than there is grass?  Have you had drainage issues that may be exacerbated now that Spring showers are on their way?

When considering all of these “issues”, keep the style of your house in mind when considering solutions.  Do you want to use the same materials as your house to implement a more cohesive look, or is now the time to maybe try something new?

Think about the colors you’d like to see in your yard.  Tying in the color of your hardscape with the surrounding plantings creates a unified look and makes your home seem in harmony with its surroundings.

landscape planning, landscape maintenanceThere is a wealth of materials to choose from if you’re thinking of adding a patio, a water feature or a new walkway.  Knowing the difference between them as they relate to the surrounding landscape, their longevity, and their cost as it pertains to your budget, requires thoughtful evaluation.  The benefit to Winter being the “down time” in the landscape design business is that there is ample time to discuss and weigh options, and when the weather finally cooperates, your project will be first in the queue.

Another thing to consider if you’re planning on a project that will require digging, is obtaining the appropriate permits from your town or municipality before you’re due to begin the process.  Usually, it takes about 4 – 6 weeks to be issued a permit, so making decisions early will allow you to be ready to break ground when the weather finally turns. Sunrise Landscape and Design is familiar with all the permits required and can help guide you through this process.

So now is the time to gather your ideas and give us a call.  Let’s sit together and plan the Spring landscape of your dreams that you can enjoy your outdoor living space for years to come!

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