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Landscape Maintenance Winter Cleanup

Even though our Winter has been a little light on snow, chances are it’s been too cold for you to conduct any regular cleanup of your lawn.  With temperatures beginning to creep up, now is the time to focus on picking up the Winter plant debris. Be sure to pay special attention to your plant beds who will soon end their dormant period and take center stage.

Those of us that love snow have been feeling a little neglected this season, but as compensation, there have been extensive periods of icing that have made rock salt and ice melt a necessity.  Unfortunately, some of these products can cause damage to your lawn when they make contact, so it’s important that you clear these chemicals off your shrubs, tree roots and lawn.  Spreading gypsum in the affected areas can mitigate the damage.

If the temperature is consistently above 50 degrees, you can apply weed control where necessary while removing any annuals you may have missed in the Fall.  Removing all the dead branches and leaves from perennials will also help ensure future growth.  If you compost, this plant material would make an excellent addition to your compost pile.

Pay attention to your trees and shrubs as well.  Remove burlap if you have covered the roots to protect them in Winter, and remove dead and damaged branches while they remain easy to see.

It’s also time to start thinking about fertilizing in preparation of Spring.  Watch the outdoor temperatures, and if they will be on the milder side, use a fertilizer that includes a crabgrass preventer.

In general, your lawn is out-of-sight-out-of-mind in the Winter months, but once the snow and ice melt you will be surprised by all of the “treasures” you will find.  Remove all the litter that has ended up strewn by the wind, as well as leaves, pine cones and fallen tree branches.  You want to have as clear of a canvas as possible before the first signs of Spring.

Removing leaves is especially critical.  Leaving matted leaves on the lawn can lead to fungal diseases in Spring.  In essence, the more tidying up you do in Winter, the easier it will be to get your garden ready in Spring.

Give us a call and let us help you be that critical eye that’s needed.  Jump to the front of the line by being proactive with your landscape maintenance.  We can assist with your landscape clean-up, as well as your lawn and garden fertilization.  By doing the unglamorous ground work now, you will be ready to watch Nature take center stage as soon as the first daffodil blooms.

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