Hunker Down for Winter and Prepare for Spring

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Hunker Down for Winter and Prepare for Spring

Though there really isn’t much lawn maintenance required in the Winter months when the ground is often frozen, there are some important precautions to take with your lawn so that when the weather DOES begin to warm, your lawn will be ready for the beautiful show-off that is Spring.


Hopefully you’ve remembered to disconnect your garden hose before the first frost, but if not, disconnect as soon as possible.  Any extra water left inside the hose will freeze and cause the lining of the hose to crack.  Also, any additional ice will put pressure on the pipes connected to your house and this could lead to very costly repairs you were not anticipating.  Ornamental concrete birdbaths should also be emptied, since any water left in the basin could lead to cracking.


Now that everything has become dormant or has died, take advantage of the “cleared” landscape and evaluate not only the plant placement but the soil around it.  Is there erosion?  Make a note of it, this is something to tackle once the danger of frost has passed.  If your plants are dormant and the Winter has proven to be colder than usual, consider adding another layer of mulch.  Even though we’re halfway through Winter, it’s not too late to protect your investment and add a little extra blanket to the perennials you’re hoping to see again in Spring.


Again, take advantage of the fact that the ground is “cleared” and take a look and see if there are roots damaging any part of your hardscape or your home’s foundation.  This is the time to take notes and talk to us about what will need to be rectified once the danger of frost has passed.  Sunrise Landscape and Design has plenty of functional, yet aesthetic hardscape and landscape solutions to handle drainage and erosion issues including retaining walls, rock beds, French drains, proper grading and more!

Regardless of weather, our deer are still out and about.  If you live near a wooded area and you’re interested in protecting your property, garden and plants from the wanderer’s constant and persistent snacking, talk to us about a deer fencing.  This is tightly woven black mesh that is used to enclose small garden areas, back yards or large perimeters.  It is designed to blend in with your surrounding landscape and trees and be completely invisible from a distance.  This is a very effective, and aesthetically pleasing way to protect your garden and plants from our woodland friends.

So, as you hunker down for winter, now is the time to evaluate and dream, source Pinterest and your favorite home improvement sites, and take note of what you love.  Put your wish list together, gather your questions, and give Sunrise Landscape and Design a call.  It’s not too soon to begin the process of planning for Spring and dreaming of afternoons spent enjoying your beautiful landscape.  We’re ready when you are!


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