Lighting Up Your Landscape

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Lighting Up Your Landscape

You’ve worked hard to ensure that your home and your landscape show off all the work you’ve put into them.  While they may be beautiful during the day, your efforts do not have to be limited to just the daylight hours.  If you light your landscape properly in the evenings, that hard work can really have a wow factor.  Landscape lighting is about artistry as much as it is about technical knowledge.  If your lighting is installed in the right places, it can highlight the architectural features of your home as well as the different characteristics of your plantings and trees. In addition to adding character, it can add safety as well; a well-lit walkway is as important as having a properly constructed one.  Good landscape design should incorporate elements that are functional as well as beautiful any time of day.


landscape lighting, patio or walkway, outdoor living space. landscape and designMost landscape lighting is low-voltage because it is less costly to install and much safer to work with.  There are stunning variations of the type of lighting you can achieve with a low-voltage installation.  Lighting a tree canopy, a glow over a landscape feature, or lighting aimed directly at your home are a few of the many options available.


Factors such as brightness, color and beam width are in every element of the lighting design.  The technical aspects of this, such as the type of bulb, the housing for the bulb, and the cables and stakes used to keep them in place all have to be chosen for their most effective usage.  Once the proper elements are in place you can “play” with the light.  For example, when lighting foliage, you should always include the trunk, otherwise it will look like a UFO is hovering around your yard.  When aiming light directly at your home, aim for the corners or at specific architectural details you want highlighted.


Lighting a walkway is much more straight forward.  Think of it as if your lighting will define your space.  A nice warm glow that illuminates a walkway is as welcoming as it is necessary.  Placing your lights about 14 inches high gives off a warm glow as well as allows for enough lighting for your family and friends to find their way.


When you’re ready to light up your life we recommend a consultation with our professionals at Sunrise Landscape and Design.  Your home and your landscaping are a big investment, and you will want a professional to offer a realistic and affordable plan for your budget and your needs.  Outdoor lighting is as much about vision and aesthetics as it is about technical knowledge.  With the long winter nights, now is the time to pull out all the stops, and make your house the one that stands out with beautiful landscape lighting!


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