Holiday Decorating Tips Using Your Winter Landscape

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Holiday Decorating Tips Using Your Winter Landscape

The tradition of bringing the outdoors in during the Winter months dates back thousands of years, and as the holidays approach and the weather changes, aside from being a terrifically beautiful way to remind us of the outside, it makes your home truly live and breathe natural beauty this holiday season.

WINTER LANDSCAPEFirst things first:  take a look around your landscape and see what you have that could work indoors.  You have to consider what stands the best chance of surviving indoors, where the heat and lack of humidity of central heating can dry it out prematurely.  If you have holly, ivy, pine trees or spruce, as well as magnolia trees, these make great candidates for indoor decorating.   However, make sure to choose greenery that looks healthy to begin with.  Pruning correctly is critical, make sure you cut where they start growing. Incidentally, it’s not only greenery that would work.  Bare branches can look lovely clustered in vases as well, so don’t limit yourself, you might find the perfect vase fillers laying on the ground!

winter landscape decorating tipsIf you love the look of berries, keep a close eye on whether they shed, quite a few of them can be poisonous to children and pets. It’s often safer to opt for artificial berries that can be attached with green floral wire to your cut stems or branches.

If you plan on decorating with green cuttings, make sure you keep them fresh as long as possible by keeping the ends dipped in tepid water.  Inserting them in moist floral foam when displaying on your mantle and keeping them out of the way of your heating vents will also prolong their life for the holiday season.  If you decide to use magnolia cuttings, sometimes spraying with metallic spray paint can serve to camouflage the creeping browns when your cuttings are reaching the end of their shelf-life, as well as adding an extra shine to the festivities.

Once you have cut and tied your arrangement materials into a wreath, swag, or other display, may sure that where you place it is out of a direct draft from your heating system, to keep the leaves from drying as quickly. And it goes without saying to never put fresh cut plants anywhere near a fireplace or lit candles which could fall over and cause your arrangement to ruin everything with a house on fire.

Consider keeping some of your fresh-cut decorations outside in a cool, protected area out of direct sunlight, to bring indoors only when needed for special occasions. This works with decorated potted plants such as clipped rosemary topiaries and live Christmas trees as well. Otherwise, regularly check your arrangements for excessive drying out of leaves or berry-dropping; remove or replace what you need to.

So, take a walk outside, look beyond your front door and get busy decorating with some of the very best nature has to offer.  Your landscape can continue to delight you in the Winter months in new and unexpected ways, so take advantage and enjoy what you’ve nurtured all year long.

Enjoy these tips from Sunrise Landscape and Design and relish the natural beauty of the season!

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