Take Advantage of Winter and Start Planning for your Spring Landscape

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Take Advantage of Winter and Start Planning for your Spring Landscape

It may surprise you to know that now, when the ground begins to prepare for the cold of Winter, is the absolute perfect time to plan for your Spring landscape.  It’s the slow season in the landscaping business as well, so now is the time to dream out loud and evaluate what you’d like to see when the weather changes again and Nature awakens.   Beat the rush and contact a professional landscape design company like Sunrise Landscape and Design and be ready to enjoy your new landscape by the time the first flowers bloom.  Take a look at how one of our clients transformed their yard into the landscape of their dreams:

planning for your spring landscape


planning for your spring landscape










An honest evaluation of your current landscape is the first step.  Will you need mulching, pruning, shaping of bushes or trees?  Would you prefer a low-maintenance plan you can keep up with yourself or do you want to dream big and incorporate new features?   It’s important to be honest with what you will realistically be able to maintain on your own.  What, if any, changes will have to take place in your current landscape to incorporate new features such as walkways, arbors or water features?   This is where having an abundance of time works in your favor, the more thorough the planning stages, the more seamless the execution when the weather permits.


Use resources such as Pinterest and Houzz; the more ideas you bring to the table, the better prepared we are to begin the concrete process of planning and keeping realistic expectations in mind during the process.  There are many options available that can be modified to fit your needs; the more ideas you have in hand, the more options we have to try to make your dream a reality once Spring has sprung.


Once you have an idea in mind, we can work within your budget to prioritize.   This is when its important to evaluate how you will plan to use your space in the Spring.  Do you love to entertain?  Perhaps a patio is the best choice.  Do you love the idea of a rolling lawn?  Lush flower beds?  How much lawn maintenance fits your lifestyle?  All of this is incorporated in your plan and then prioritized accordingly.


Another reason to plan early is that if you will be requiring permits for any aspect of your landscaping, now is the time to apply for them.  For example, adding a fence or any project that requires digging will require a permit, and they can often take weeks, if not months to obtain.  If you wait to begin the planning until Spring, your “Spring” project may not begin until June.  At that point, your project will then be in the queue with all of your neighbors.


So take some time now, when you’re warm inside your home, to think about what you want from your landscape when the weather invites you outside.  Dream a little, collect pictures and ideas, and give us a call so we can help you begin the process early and start planning for your spring landscape.  Be the first one on your block to greet Spring from the comfort of your new patio.


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