The Beauty of Hardscape – Functional and Aesthetic Solutions for Your Landscape

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The Beauty of Hardscape – Functional and Aesthetic Solutions for Your Landscape

How many hours have you spent worrying about the slip sliding away of your sloping lawn, as well as dreading the resulting moist or marshy land from poor drainage? If you’ve had issues with your landscape that require constant TLC in the Spring and Summer now is the time to consider installing hardscape features that will solve these issues as well as maximize the beauty and usable space of your yard.  A landscape professional such as Sunrise Landscape and Design will be able to evaluate the extent of the problem and recommend both a functional and aesthetic solution. Why not enjoy the changing of the seasons instead of worrying about the problems in your landscape?

hardscape, retaining wall vienna, retaining wall restonIf your home is built on a slope, you are, or will soon be experiencing erosion.  The soil on a slope is not compact, but rather loose and unstable, which can lead to serious issues for your home’s foundation.  The installation of the correct type of hardscape can prevent long term damage.  A retaining wall will keep the soil where it should be, as well as add a decorative element to your yard.  They can be built tiered or accented with bushes, plants or flowers.  Depending on the height of the wall, they can also serve as integrated seating.  When you can make a retaining wall functional as well as a beautiful feature, you have a win-win as a homeowner.

hardscape, landscape and design great fallsThen, there’s drainage.  Even a small amount of rain can cause you to be knee-deep in swampland. If you have a drainage issue, the longer it is ignored, the more severe the damage to your home’s foundation or landscape can be.  It’s easy to disregard the potential problem when the Summer months dry out the lawn – out of sight can be out of mind, but as soon as the Fall rains come, you could be in for serious issues.  Installing a new drainage system or improving the existing one is critical during the snowy and rainy times of the year. Dry creek beds using attractive river rock are perfect for redirecting water from heavy rains.

A patio is a wonderful hardscape element that defines your property, extends your living space and can provide stability as well as beauty to your landscape. However, a sunken patio can be a sign of a serious draining issue.  If the earth is eroding underneath the patio due to water, then a drainage solution and repair is absolutely necessary. Concrete patios in particular, tend to have issues with water damage and often will require removal and replacement.   A new patio can be constructed with the proper drainage and materials to prevent a repeat of this problem.  If there are cracks or chips in on your patio, be sure to complete these repairs to prevent bigger problems down the road.

The beauty of hardscape is that it provides both functional and aesthetic value to your landscape.  So, when your landscape challenges are keeping you up at night, consider hardscape for solving the problems. And remember, you don’t have to do this alone – contact a  landscape professional.  They will walk through your yard to determine its natural flow and make the most of your landscape.  They will consider where the sunrise and sunsets occur, as well as the general direction of the breeze.  While these things might seem like small details, they can help you and your landscaping expert design a hardscape that works as an integral part of your home as well as ensures a return on your investment.

Now is the best time to strategize and implement hardscape solutions to solve your landscape issues.  Give us a call and let’s make a plan together to make sure your home is stable and your lawn stays exactly where it should be for years to come.


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