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Loudoun Times 2017 Fall Guide to Homes

Be sure to read the article on Sunrise Landscape + Design in the 2017 Fall Guide to Homes from Loudoun Times.  For easy readability, we’ve reproduced it below.  You can see the full guide here.  Sunrise is featured on pages 24-25.


Sunrise Landscape Partners with Clients to Achieve Success

By Kristin Crosby

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Water features promote relaxation and can hide noise

In 1986, Joe Markell decided to start a landscaping business with an old pick-up truck, two mowers, and one employee.  Over 30 years later, Sunrise Landscape + Design has grown much larger than its humble roots.  Markell has an impressive array of trucks and landscaping equipment and more than 40 employees serving every inch of Northern Virginia.


The Sunrise name has actually been in the Markell’s family for over seven decades.  His great grandparents ran Sun Rise Dairy in the Herndon area, and his grandfather and father operated Sunrise Amoco on Route 7 in Reston.


Sunrise Landscape + Design is all about upholding the family legacy with quality and value.  “Our goal is to keep customers for life,” says Markell.  The company prides itself on partnering with customers and creating relationships with them.  Not only is that the best way to meet and exceed expectations, but it also allows them to satisfy the needs of every client.


Sunrise offers a wide variety of landscape management services, from lawn care and fall cleanups to core aeration and pruning.  On the design side, they “can visualize what customers want in a way that functionally works,” says Markell.  They work on everything from patios and retaining walls to water features and landscape lighting.  Sunrise also works on both residential and commercial properties which differentiates their business model from many of their local competitors.  Markell enjoys the challenges that each customer brings to the table.


When it comes to residential customers, Sunrise serves as a time-tested landscaping partner.  They stand behind their work and have guarantees that range from one year n plants to five years on hardscapes.  “We offer the backing of a big company,” says Markell.  Their trucks are well marked and their employees are all uniformed, ensuring that there’s no question as to who they are and what they are doing.

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Stone pavers appear to float in this water feature

“Trust is essential to the relationship and we want to build with our customers,” says Allison, the director of marketing for the company, and Joe’s wife. “When someone hires Sunrise, they know that we’re going to finish whatever we start.  You never have to question whether we’ll show up the next day – or ever again!  And our employees are carefully screened and drug-teste.  If we wouldn’t want someone around our family, then we won’t put that person in front of yours.”


On the commercial side, Sunrise works with homeowners’ associations, churches, and building owners to present professional, polished landscapes t the public.  “We’re a local presence in the community,” Markell explains.  “Even if an HOA is managed from another state, we can work with them to make sure that things are planted and maintained according to our climate here.  They don’t have to learn all about Northern Virginia; we already know it.”


For fall, Markell recommends working on those landscaping and hardscaping projects that you missed out on this spring.  The cooler weather presents a perfect time to install trees and shrubs, and even plants for fall color.  It’s also a great time to tidy up for next year, planning now for what you want to do later.

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Fall is an excellent time to plant trees and shrubs

If you aren’t sure how to prep your landscape for winter, though, it’s a good idea to seek professional help.  “Details matter,” says Allison.  “If you don’t know how to do things right the first time, it will cost you a lot more in the long run.:  Shortcuts are not part of Sunrise’s vocabulary.  The company is big on making sure it has the right plant for the right place, and in the right situation.  Markell wants customers to get value out of their landscapes.  He says, “They should serve as year-round extensions of your living space, and with the value of real estate, it’s important to use every inch.”


As Markell looks to the future, he hopes to embrace new, environmentally friendly technology, utilizing more battery-powered equipment.  He also wants to integrate more water features into their design projects.  Water features can fit in any space and they offer clients an element that both promotes relaxation and hides noise.


“We combine sustainable practices, expertise and ethics with innovative hardscape designs and lawn maintenance techniques,” Markell explains.  “We provide services that our customers can’t get anywhere else.  They become part of our family, and we take care of them for life.”