Trees – Superstars of Fall Landscaping

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Trees – Superstars of Fall Landscaping

One of the great joys of Seasonal change is being able to look out your window and see it happen right before your eyes.  The most beautiful and decorative way to display seasonal color is through the proper placement of trees.  Although they may require a bit more time and care initially, in the long run, they are easier to care for than flowers or shrubs.  The practical benefits of trees include, reduction in storm runoff, providing your home with shade that could save you money on your cooling bills, reducing noise pollution, and producing about 260 lbs of oxygen per year!  The aesthetic benefits carry tremendous value as well.   A well-rounded landscape will have at least one specimen that can showcase each season.    Let’s look at a few options to spark up your Fall.

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The Maple Tree

These are the royalty of the Fall foliage tour.  Folks are apt to drive hundreds of miles to take a look at the stunning color array of these trees.  A fast-grower, the maple tree is an excellent shade tree, and the smaller version, the Japanese Maple, with its deep red leaves, makes for a lovely landscape in both Summer AND Autumn.

The River Birchfall landscaping

Gorgeous color in Fall, but what really makes it a star attraction is its beautiful bark.  They are also very tolerant of wet areas in your landscape, which makes it a very versatile tree if you have drainage issues.

The Sunburst Honey Locust

Say hello to a fast-growing resilient tree that would not only look great in front of your home, but does so in the face of little to no watering, tolerates road salt and keeps its leaves, which makes for less of a mess.  Its foliage starts out yellow, then light green and then back to yellow for Fall.  Pair this with a Japanese Maple and you have an Instagram-worthy landscape, with a side of practical benefits to boot.

Maidenhair Trees (Ginkgo Biloba)fall landscaping, northern virginia landscaping company

Maidenhair trees (Ginkgo biloba) are rock stars in their ability to adapt to small spaces and tolerate pollution.  They are not easily susceptible to disease and are rarely attacked by insects.  The beauty of their leaves is legendary, green in Spring to gold in Fall.  However, the male species of the tree is highly allergenic, so when planting, be sure to stick with the female variety, they do not produce pollen.

Arborvitae Trees

Aside from looking lush year-round, these trees primary function is to be a living privacy wall.  Using vegetation to create “fencing” is an ecologically friendly, lovely and subtle way to create boundaries, not to mention they are extremely low-maintenance, just basic feeding, watering, and occasional pruning for shape.

Trees provide much more than aesthetic beauty to your landscape, they are tremendous “givers” to our environment.  If you were to plant a tree today, in 5 years your energy bill should be about 3% less, so says the Center for Urban Forest Research.  Not to mention the increased property values that mature trees afford.  Landscaping on the whole is a worthwhile investment in your home, but when there are mature trees involved, this is especially true.  These beauties are absorbing carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen.  How can this not be a good idea for the environment as well as the view outside your window?

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