Early Fall Turf Care – Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Looking Great in the Fall

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Early Fall Turf Care – Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Looking Great in the Fall

If you’re thinking that now is the time to take a breather on lawn care since Summer is quickly coming to a close and grass can’t possibly continue to grow this quickly, it’s time to reconsider. While grass is not growing at the speed it was in Spring and Summer, this is the time when grass “powers up” so to speak, absorbing moisture and nutrients to prepare for its dormancy in Winter. To this end, we’d like to offer some tips to prepare for a healthy lawn in the Spring, when you’ll really want to stop and smell those flowers.

  1. Grab that rake and attack those leaves.  You’ll notice that leaves don’t wait until the official start of Autumn to fall.  You’ll find your lawn scattered with tree confetti as early as August.  As soon as they begin to fall, rake. If leaves are left on the ground for too long, they will become matted down with rain and begin to suffocate your grass and possibly lead to fungal disease in your lawn.
  2. Contact us about soil aeration.  We have the equipment and expertise to properly prepare your soil. This is crucial to allow the soil to absorb water, fertilizer and nutrients.  Again, this will be needed through Winter so that when the first thaw of Spring arrives, your lawn will be ready to thrive.  Incidentally, do continue to water.  Obviously it will not be a necessary as it was in July, but keep your eyes out for dry patches.
  3. Fall is the best time to fertilize.  Though the growth of grass slows down considerably in the Fall, its roots continue to thrive.  Applying the right mix of fertilizer now is essential to building food reserves and strengthening roots for the upcoming year.  Sunrise Landscape and Design has the expertise in maintaining Northern Virginia lawns – contact us for your fertilizer applications.  A proper, even coat of fertilizer now, will yield big results in the Spring.
  4. Don’t put away that mower!  Lower that blade and continue to mow, this way, there will be less to brown in the Winter.  Again, if you were thinking you were going to have a respite from this chore, time to think again.
  5. Bald spots?  This is the time to fix them. Spreading a thick layer of a mixture of organic mulch, grass seed and fertilizer to the spots that your grass seems to have abandoned, and watering thoroughly will make a huge difference in the rebirth of your grass in the Spring.  Additionally, over seeding, or planting grass seed directly on existing soil is another way to improve the density and color of your lawn in Spring.    Over seeding is best done in conjunction with soil aeration.
  6. Grass isn’t the only thing in power-up mode in Fall and Winter.  Weeds are too.  This is the time to attack them with herbicide.  Dandelions have no place on the lush green lawn you’re cultivating for Spring.

Fall is upon us, grab a flannel shirt and a cup of cocoa, but be sure to remember to take the above precautions before you get too comfortable on that Adirondack chair.  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you with your fall maintenance, including soil aeration, over seeding and fall fertilization.  And once those leaves start falling, let us do the hard work.  We’ll quickly clean-up and dispose of those leaves for you. We want you to enjoy the benefits the benefits of the time and care you put into your landscape year long.  As it turns out, Fall is the perfect time to power-up.


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