Keeping Your Landscape Healthy Throughout the Summer Heat

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Keeping Your Landscape Healthy Throughout the Summer Heat

Every spring, with ambitious goals for our gardens, we plant flowers, edge, mulch, and mow and tend to our lawns in anticipation of being able to enjoy it throughout the summer months.  However, by July, the temperatures have usually skyrocketed, and what started out as lush and vibrant, may now just be a shadow of its former glory.  Surprisingly, overwatering your dead-looking lawn and wilted plants, as well as feeding them fertilizer in the hopes of resuscitating them may end up doing more harm than good. However, there are some precautions you can take to avoid losing all the beauty you worked so hard for in the spring.

The most important thing to look for is dehydration.  Nothing will grow if your soil is hard and dry.  As soon as you notice any signs of dehydration, such as wilting, smaller-than-usual curly or misshaped leaves, flower buds that don’t open, more weeds than normal, or brown and thinning patches in your lawn, implement a regular watering schedule either first thing in the morning or as the sun is setting and stick to it.

Most lawns need about an inch of water each week and plants require about one gallon of water for each square foot.  Always apply the water to the base of the plant to ensure the roots are getting soaked properly.  Mulching plant beds (about 2 or 3 inches of mulch) as well as the deep but REGULAR watering will help plants establish deep roots.  Moisture will remain in the soil and give the plant the extra time it needs to encourage root growth.  Make sure you keep up with weeding, a collateral “benefit” of watering regularly is that you will also be watering weeds.

Container plants need frequent watering during the driest parts of the summer. Water will evaporate almost the moment it hits your flowers, so keep an eye out for dehydration and keep your investment beautiful.

When you’re panicked because your beautiful landscape is wilting before your eyes, don’t reach for that fertilizer!  Fertilizing your lawn or plants during a heat wave can cause a reaction that will put more stress on your lawn and garden, causing even further deterioration.

So, if you find you’re out of time or to ideas for keeping up with the extra maintenance a summer lawn requires, give our experts a call, we’re here, we know what is required, and are happy to help you!  We can put together a plan to rejuvenate your landscape, allowing for the continuous and healthy growth of your lawn and garden, freeing up your time to enjoy the fruits of your spring labor.  Contact Sunrise Landscape and Design today!

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