Incorporating Water Features in Your Landscape

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Incorporating Water Features in Your Landscape

Having a water feature in your garden is one of the most tranquil and relaxing upgrades you can make to your outdoor environment.  The sound of water can transplant you to far away places without ever leaving home.  Whatever you decide to do, it ultimately depends on your taste and the physical characteristics of your yard. You want your water feature to complement your existing landscape, not detract from it.  Niagara Falls is lovely, but not necessarily when it is rushing through your yard.

Sunrise Landscape and Design has over 30 years of experience creating beautiful landscapes.  We have an extensive portfolio of landscape designs incorporating water features.  If you are thinking of adding a water feature to your landscape consider the following:

water feature, pond, landscape design, hardscapeA pond can be a beautiful addition to your landscape if the ground conditions are favorable.  Once our experts determine the ground is stable enough to support a pond, you should consider the surrounding landscape and make sure your pond looks organic to your garden.  Selecting the proper edging is key to creating a natural look.

If your dream is to have a pond stocked with fish, be sure to select the right location.  The care and maintenance of fish doesn’t necessarily have to take up that much time if you chose a proper location for your pond.  The health of the habitat for your fish depends on the amount of light available, the plant life, feeding and cleaning of the pond.  Fish need shady areas and floating plants can also be a source of shade.  However, the placement of the pond is critical.  Aside from the light considerations, it’s important to avoid low areas of the yard where pesticides and fertilizer can collect, since the runoff could poison your fish.

If a waterfall strikes your fancy, you want something that is an attractive focal point as well as provides a soothing sound.  This is where keeping things in scale and proportion becomes key. A waterfall can also serve an important design element; it can be used to taper off a flower bed, encouraging you to admire the flowers AND enjoy the sound of the water.

A water feature can be functional as well.  For example, if you need a retaining wall, you can build in a water feature within it and then your feature becomes useful as well as decorative.  Depending on the size and slope of your yard, the water feature can contain several levels, and since water wants to flow downhill anyway, pools, streams, and waterfalls are ideal for transforming a problem into an attribute.

Don’t forget to consider what your water feature will look like once the surrounding garden begins to die back in Autumn and Winter.  A fountain, for example, can add beauty and structure to a garden and while keeping its all-season appeal.  Having your water feature withstand the elements is also key.  Fortunately, the options for this are plentiful.

So let’s brainstorm together all the possibilities we have for making your yard a haven you can retreat to any time of year.  Your home is your biggest investment and your yard should reflect that.


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