Controlling Weeds in Your Landscape

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Controlling Weeds in Your Landscape

Weeds are invasive plants that at a minimum can disrupt the appearance of a well-maintained landscape and worst case can destroy or take over your landscape.  Protecting your landscape from weeds not only maintains the beauty of your landscape, it also preserves the investment of time and money you may have put into your property.  Sunrise Landscape and Design has over 30 years of experience in weed control in Northern Virginia and offers many services to protect your landscape.

Weed Control Services

Pre-emergent Weed Control with Fertilizer:  When it comes to controlling weeds, it is always best to stop them before they sprout.  Once they have sprouted, their roots are well established and are more difficult to remove.  The timing of applying weed control is important.  If applied too early, the weather may dilute the pre-emergent and the weeds will grow unencumbered.  We apply our pre-emergent weed control with fertilizer twice a season, once in early spring and again in late spring.  Combining pre-emergent with fertilizer will help prevent crabgrass and other weed seeds from germinating.

Broadleaf Weed Control: Dandelions and other broadleaf weeds are among the common weed problems in lawns.  They are generally easier to treat, have wider leaves, and often flower. They include thistles, dandelions, spurge, and clovers. Most lawns are spot-treated to help reduce the chemicals introduced into the environment, however, if the weeds are growing throughout the lawn, then the entire lawn will be treated.  If more than 60 percent of a lawn is covered with weeds, then the lawn should be considered for a complete renovation.

Garden Visits: If the thought of maintaining your landscape and controlling weeds throughout the growing seasons is overwhelming, Sunrise offers a full-service landscape care program to take care of the work for you.  Garden visits offer a high-level of attention to your landscape than only a professional can provide.  Services are provided bi-weekly April through October and includes weeding of all mulch beds, roadside gravel areas, and weeds that have grown in the cracks on hard surfaces.  These areas may be weeded manually or with the aid of chemicals.  In addition to controlling weeds, this service also provides deadheading perennials, separation of different species of plants, keeping plants from growing over lights, up onto houses and other structures where it is unwanted.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Whether your lawn and garden has just a couple or is overrun with weeds, the best offense is a good defense.  Weeds can be one of the most troublesome issues in preserving the look of a well-maintained landscape.  They can be very persistent and will exploit every weakness in your lawn and garden.  Sunrise Landscape and Design’s services will help you stay ahead in the game of weed control.  We use natural weed killers that are safe for children and pets, and our lawn maintenance programs ensure that your turf gets the proper mowing and fertilizing it needs to grow thick and healthy.  By staying on the offensive year-round, Sunrise can help you keep weeds in check and leave you with a vibrant landscape.

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