Making the Best of Your Winter Landscape

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Making the Best of Your Winter Landscape

We’ve had a pretty mild winter so far this year, but our temperature fluctuations can give even the most seasoned Northern Virginian a little bit of cabin fever. Punxsutawney Phil says that we’ve got six more weeks of winter to endure, and you know how we love our February snow storms in this area! You don’t have to wait for spring to enjoy your landscape, though – even if the snow does come. You can make the best of the dreariness and cloudy weather with a little bit of paint, hardy winter plants, and some creature comforts.

Tips for Brightening Your Winter Landscape

With mild temperatures, it’s easy to enhance your landscape even during the winter months. Planting, hardscaping, and painting are all possible on days over 50 degrees. With a little planning, you can establish a landscape you’ll love for years to come – no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

1. Create an outdoor living space for all seasons.

Patios don’t have to be ignored during colder months. By adding a fire pit or fireplace, you can cozy up to a fire underneath the stars regardless of the season. Consider building a path to your patio, as well, so that you can stay off your winter turf (or snow) and make your outdoor space more accessible. Other features like benches and trellises can also beautify your space and provide focal points for your landscape when it’s covered in snow.

2. Bring in some light.landscape lighting great falls

It tends to be cloudier during the winter months, but landscape lighting can combat dark nights and provide an enchanting glow to your yard year-round. Try lighting up a few trees with unique bark or fantastic, gnarly limbs. Retaining walls also look beautiful when flooded in light – especially against a blanket of snow. Landscape lighting can even light up your home, spotlighting architectural features or brightening pathways for safety.

3. Incorporate winter-friendly plants into your landscape.

Winter-blooming shrubs like Camellia and perennial flowering plants like Hellebore can make any winter garden look alive. Evergreens are an easy way to keep green in your garden beds, but there are many varieties to choose from that can mix yellows and blues into your landscape, too. Also, think about adding plants with berries, like Holly or Winterberry. Even deciduous trees can complement your winter landscape simply by their shape or bark. Consider planting trees like Birch or Paperback Maple to add texture to your yard with or without leaves.

4. Add a few pops of color.

An inexpensive, yet impactful way to brighten a gloomy yard is by stirring in some vibrant colors. Fill colorful containers with boughs of evergreens (or even small, live ones). If your Homeowners’ Association allows it, you can also use paint to reinvigorate gates, fencing, window boxes, or even exterior doors.

5. Invite live entertainment.landscape company reston

Perhaps the easiest way to liven up your landscape is with the help of some feathery friends. A bird feeder and a well-placed bird bath are simple touches that can attract lots of new friends – especially over the cold winter months. If you offer up some treats, be prepared for some brilliant red cardinals and stunning blue jays to revive your landscape.

The best way to fight Mother Nature is to show her who’s boss. During the winter days, dress up your landscape with berries, winter flowers, pops of color, and live, feathery entertainment. When the sun goes down, enjoy cozy evenings outside by the fire, with landscape lighting illuminating pathways and amazing trees.

It may sound too good to be true, but enjoying your yard while it’s still cold outside is easier than you think. Contact Sunrise today, and we’ll help you design the winter landscape of your dreams. And the best part is – you’ll be able to enjoy your new wonderland year-round.


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