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Our Next 30 Years – Sunrise Landscape and Design

We’ve celebrated our 30th anniversary a lot this year. It’s amazing to think that we’ve been around for three whole decades. Just think: when we started, “In Your Eyes,” “Addicted to Love,” and “Manic Monday” were on the radio!

We wanted to take a minute as 2016 winds down to reflect on where we think our next 30 years will go. What industry trends, consumer desires, and personal transformations will emerge? We may not know exactly what lies ahead, but the future looks pretty exciting to us!

Industry Trends

The landscaping industry is going to have to be more cost-effective and efficient in the future, with an emphasis on higher-quality, durable materials.

  • Alternative Fuels: The biggest change in the industry will be in technology. Trucks will be equipped with solar panels to charge blowers and trimmers, and small, hand-held machines will have batteries that can be charged with solar powered chargers mounted on the trucks. Larger equipment can be powered by propane. These alternative fuels are more environmentally friendly and will be less expensive than gas, allowing companies like ours to stay cost-effective.
  • Better Technology: In addition to alternative fuels, next-generation batteries will hold their charges longer. Other technological advances – particularly in software, email, smartphones, and other devices will expedite communication as well as help streamline operations – enhancing the customer experience and allowing the industry to become even more efficient. landscape mclean, landscape ashburn, landscape great falls
  • Improved Materials: It seems like every day, new materials are being introduced into the marketplace that put the old ones to shame. The idea of painting your deck to avoid deterioration or rot is now a task of the past. There’s already some faux stone on the market that holds up to the elements and looks amazing. And durability isn’t the only benefit; with every new product, manufacturers are making sure that customers have a large assortment of colors and textures from which to choose.

Consumer Desires

We are always looking for what our customers will want next. We think that in the next 30 years, consumers will want low-maintenance, superior quality, and enhanced functionality.

  • Outdoor Living: For more functionality, we believe that consumers will keep pushing the boundaries when it comes to year-round outdoor living. They will want to spend more and more time at home, in their private oasis.  Patios, fire pits and fireplaces can be fully customizable to create the perfect outdoor getaway. Elaborate outdoor kitchens can be enjoyed year-round with the improvements in quality and durability of outdoor kitchen appliances.
  • Long-lasting Accents: Just as the industry is moving towards higher-quality products, consumers will be shopping for them, too. People are tired of spending money on something only to replace it a few years down the road. We believe customers will pay more now to invest in a landscape that can last forever. Patios, walkways, landscaping lighting not only attractive, they will also increase a home’s value.landscape using water features, great falls landscape, mclean landscape
  • Water Features: Ponds are beautiful, but the require a considerable amount of maintenance and can be a safety concern for young families. We think that customers wants and desires will continue trending towards pondless water features to complement properties with natural looking streams or relaxing, bubbling fountains. These features will provide a significant impact with minimal upkeep.

Personal Transformations

  • New Equipment: To be more cost-effective for our clients, we are looking to transition most of our larger mowers from gas to propane. We’ll also purchase new equipment, such as a rubber tire loader so that we can finish jobs faster and easier.
  • New Services: We want to offer more on servicing irrigation systems for our clients. Often times irrigation is neglected and the landscape suffers.  Too much or too little water can greatly affect the landscape. By providing repairs, system checks, winterization and spring turn on services, our customers won’t have to look elsewhere for help.
  • New Training: With new equipment and services comes new training for our employees. We already think that we’ve got the most skilled and qualified employees in the landscaping business. With extra training, we can offer an even higher level of service to our customers.

Some Things Should Never Change

We love what we do. There’s no greater satisfaction than to make something out of nothing – especially when that “something” is a functional space that enhances a home.

We promise to maintain our high standards for quality and customer service over the next few decades. We are so grateful that you allow us into your lives every year, and we are incredibly humbled by your unceasing support.

Happy New Year from our family to yours! We’ll see you again in year #31.


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