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Sunrise Landscape and Design 30 Favorite Plants!

In honor of our 30th Anniversary this year, we’ve come up with a list of our 30 favorite plants. These plants reflect our 30 years of experience in carefully selecting and maintaining plants to enhance and beautify all landscapes. They may be flowering plants showcasing the spring, or transitional plants that add beauty and character in all seasons. Hopefully you’ll see a couple on this list that are new and intriguing to you, or you’ll learn something interesting about your old favorites.


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1.     Nepeta (catmint) – Best to plant in spring or fall, these soft green mounds are covered with tiny lavender-blue flower spikes from late spring to early summer.

2.    Daylilies (reblooming) – Even though they are considered to be “rebloomers,” most daylilies of this variety continuously bloom from early summer to fall.

3.    Agastache – This is another perennial that has long-lasting flower spikes, with flowers varying on each variety from peach to purple. They are great at tolerating heat and are beloved by hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees.

4.    Astilbe – Unlike spikes, Astilbe provides an airy, feathery appearance to your landscaping. They love moist, shady spots, but can tolerate full sun with the proper watering. The light, fluffy flowers come in red, white, blue, and pink.

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5.    Ice Plant – These are great plants for drier, more difficult spots in your garden. It’s a succulent ground cover with flowers that look almost like daisies, but come in pink, white, yellow, or purple.

6.    Helleborus – Fairly deer and rabbit resistant, these flowers are great for a shady border and bloom for 6-8 weeks in early spring.

7.    Heuchera – If you are looking for foliage to provide that pop of color, look no further. Heuchera comes in a wide array of colors, textures, and shapes, and is excellent for borders.

8.    Rudbeckia – These gold, daisy-like flowers bloom in the summer and are 2-6’ tall, depending on the variety. The black-eyed Susan is a type of Rudbeckia.

9.    Yarrow – Yarrow is actually an herb with several health benefits. It does well in the sun, attracts butterflies, and features clumps of tiny pink, red, or yellow flowers.

10.  Bleeding Heart – These spectacular flowers are heart-shaped and bloom in early spring. They like shady, moister areas.


11.   Wave Petunias – One thing that will grow in NOVA clay is a wave petunia. They spread up to 3-4’ per plant and stay low to the ground.

12.   Coleus – Another plant that features its foliage, Coleus offers varieties for shady spots and those with full sun. Frost damages its leaves, so they should be planted after frost threats end.

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Gerber Daisies

13.    Gerber Daisies – These big, bright flowers come in a wide variety of colors and sizes, with flowers measuring 2-5” across. The more compact the flower, the sturdier the stems will be.

14.    Lantana – These are great for containers or even hanging baskets, depending on the variety. The flowers are delicate and attract both hummingbirds and butterflies.

15.    Osteospermum – Best when planted after the threat of frost, Osteospermum is in the daisy family and offers blue, orange, pink, or white flowers.

16.    Verbena – A great plant for pots, baskets, and window boxes, Verbena offers cute clusters of tiny blooms from summer to fall.


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17.    Dogwood (Kousa) – Also known as the Japanese Dogwood, this tree touts tons of delicate, star-like flowers in spring and then thick, beautiful foliage in summer.

18.     Fringe Tree – Established as a shrub or small tree, these beauties are covered in airy, wispy flowers in spring. They are pest and drought resistant.

19.    Southern Magnolia – Undoubtedly a stunner, this tree gets very large, fragrant white flowers. It can grow between 50-100’ tall and is great as a shade tree.

20.    Carolina Silverbell – This small tree has clusters of white, bell-shaped flowers in late spring. It grows 30-40’ tall with a 20-35’ spread.

landscape and Design leesburg21.     Red Buckeye – This tree produces stunning red flowers and is pest resistant. It is extremely versatile and does well in shade or sun.

22.    Serviceberry – Another small tree/large shrub, the Serviceberry is covered in delicate white blooms in early spring. In late spring, it produces a delicious edible berry, followed by fiery orange foliage in the fall.


23.    Viburnum – Featuring showy flowers that are often fragrant, these bushes are extremely versatile and can do well in problem areas.

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Oak Leaf Hydrangeas

24.    Itea – These plants offer flower spikes that elegantly droop in spring. They grow 3-6’ in height, but can be found in dwarf sizes.

25.    Hydrangeas (oak leaf, endless summer) – Hydrangeas are well-known for their big, dramatic clumps of flowers. They thrive with little attention and do well in heat.

26.    Sweetshrub – Growing 6-9’ high, these plants have waterlily-like flowers that have a fruity fragrance and bloom on an off from May to July. They are great in partial shade or full sun.

27.    Spirea – With 80-100 varieties, Spirea is one of the easiest flowering shrubs to grow. They offer pink, red, yellow, and white flowers and withstand pruning well.

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Butterfly Bush

28.   Butterfly bushes – Adequately named, these shrubs are low-maintenance and grow 5-10’ tall. They produce masses of tiny flowers from midsummer to fall, and are fragrant.

29.    Rhododendron – A great pop of color to any garden, these shrubs bloom from late spring to early summer. Sizes vary greatly based on the variety, from 1-2’ to over 20’. Make sure you choose your variety carefully.


30.    Crossvine – This is a climbing vine that can reach up to 50’. It has beautiful flowers that are trumpet-shaped and hang in clusters. These vines are great for growing up stones, bricks, and fences.

Whether you are in the market for new plants to add to your landscape or just need to freshen up your existing plans, Sunrise Landscape and Design is happy to help! We are Northern Virginia’s premier landscaping company offering a full range of landscaping and lawn care services. Our landscape and design services include hardscapes, water features, irrigation and landscape lighting. Our lawn care services will keep your lawn vibrant and healthy year round. Contact us today for all your landscape and lawn care needs!