Tips to Consider When Designing a Pond

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Tips to Consider When Designing a Pond

Integrating a pond into your landscape is a large investment in your landscape. Pond construction requires meticulous planning to ensure proper drainage and filtration.  All elements of your pond, such as water lilies and other water plants, as well as goldfish and other small pond fish need to be taken into consideration for all elements of your pond to thrive.  If done right, a beautifully designed pond can transform your landscape and create a peaceful retreat for all to enjoy.  Below are some tips from Sunrise Landscape and Design to consider with designing a pond.landscape ponds, backyard water features

  • Choose the right location – Fish ponds need partial sunlight in order for the water plants that the fish feed on to grow. Avoid building your pond under trees.  Tree debris can clutter a pond with leaves as well as change the chemical composition of the water which can affect the fish.
  • Decide on the size – The most important function of size is making sure the pump is strong enough to keep the pond water moving and filtering properly.
  • Decide on depth – The desired features of your pond may dictate the necessary depth.  Fish require a deeper pond to keep them safe from natural predators.  The types of water plants will also determine depth.  Some plants thrive in deeper water.
  • Identify garden runoff – Garden runoff from rain or lawn watering often contains fertilizer chemicals, lawn clippings and other debris that may enter and mix with your pond.   Closely inspect your landscape to ensure that garden runoff into the pond will not be an issue.
  • Check soil stability – Make sure your soil is stable enough to support a pond in your desired location.  Once the pond is filled with water, it will become very heavy.  If the soil is not well compacted, it could damage the pond.
  • Identify appropriate location for electrical outlet – The pond pump will require a GFCI protected electrical outlet.  Make sure to locate your pond with easy accessibility to the outlet.

Enlist the help of Sunrise Landscape and Design to design, build and maintain your pond and transform your landscape to the water garden of your dreams!  Contact us for more information – we’d be happy answer any questions about pond design and construction.

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