30 Reasons to Take Care of Your Lawn

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30 Reasons to Take Care of Your Lawn

Lawn care may seem like a necessary evil at times. It’s hot outside, the gnats are swarming, and it can be miserable – we understand. At Sunrise, our job is to handle the bad stuff so that you can actually enjoy all the benefits your lawn has to offer.

lawn care ashburnTo celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we’ve come up with 30 Reasons to Take Care of Your Lawn:

  1. It’s relaxing. There’s nothing better than seeing a neatly groomed yard full of green grass.
  2. A beautiful landscape is a proven stress reducer.
  3. Lawns promote a sense of peace. In cities, green spaces improve community involvement and bonding.
  4. A nice lawn connects you to nature.
  5. Healthy grass lets you enjoy your gardening. If you put all your effort into gorgeous flowers but neglect your grass, no one is going to notice your hard work because of distracting bald spots and weeds.
  6. The roots of your grass help filter ground water, removing pollutants as water flows into underground aquifers.
  7. Mulched grass clippings promote organic soil matter, which is good for the environment and your turf.
  8. Lawns are great for trapping dirt and dust that would otherwise be floating around in the air.
  9. Your lawn makes oxygen for your family to breathe through photosynthesis.
  10. Lawns don’t just trap carbon dioxide, they capture and filter all sorts of greenhouse gases.
  11. Grass is great at absorbing rain, preventing runoff into streams and rivers.
  12. Grass is also great at stopping erosion when it has a strong root network.
  13. Lawns not only help with erosion, but they help with other types of land degradation like soil acidification and salinization.
  14. A lush lawn is a wonderful breeding ground for beneficial bugs that our ecosystem needs.
  15. Lawns help cool your home. The average front lawn has the cooling capacity of about 9 tons while the average AC unit has a 3-4 ton capacity.
  16. Landscaping helps your home’s value. Some studies say that a great lawn with well-maintained landscaping can increase the value of your home 15-20%!
  17. Real estate agents say that a home with a well-maintained lawn always sells quicker than a home with a poor lawn.
  18. Property managers claim that a beautiful lawn keeps tenants happy and lowers vacancy rates.
  19. A nice lawn adds beauty to your neighborhood.
  20. A neighborhood with beautiful lawns promotes pride and a sense of community.
  21. Did you know that a well-maintained lawn can actually serve as a fire buffer? Having healthy grass around a building is a natural fire retardant.
  22. A healthy lawn is better for your kids to play on. The more dense the grass, the more padding for those outdoor activities.
  23. Walking barefoot in dirt is unsafe and unpleasant. A luxuriant lawn is much more comfortable to walk on!
  24. There’s nothing better than splitting a nice, big, healthy blade of grass when you are bored.
  25. Weeds can be dangerous for your kids. If you’ve ever had a child with poison ivy or poison oak (or have experienced it yourself), you understand. Well managed lawns keeps those weeds at bay.
  26. Did you know that your lawn buffers sound? A healthy lawn can actually buffer up to 10 decibels of environmental noise.
  27. Who doesn’t love the look of a skillfully-manicured golf course? What if your lawn could give you that same feeling?
  28. A beautiful yard provides a really nice backdrop for all sorts of family pictures.
  29. No one is going to litter on your nice lawn. It sounds silly, but people are more prone to destroy your lawn if they think you don’t care about it yourself.
  30. If you love your neighbors, there’s no better way to show it than to have a gorgeous lawn.

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