Spring Clean-up Essentials

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Spring Clean-up Essentials

Spring Clean-up Reston, spring clean-up great falls, spring-clean-up mcleanWith warmer temperatures and longer days, it’s hard to ignore the fact that spring is right around the corner. March is the perfect time for your yard’s spring clean-up and it’s not just about pruning and raking. We’ve complied a simple list of spring clean-up tasks for you to follow in your own yard:



  1. Prune, pull, and cut! Winter has most likely taken some toll on your yard. Prune away dead branches, pull out last year’s annuals, and cut back spent perennials. It’s a good time to go ahead and shape your hedges, too. You could do some light shaping, but as soon as the big push of spring growth happens, you’ll do the major shaping.
  2. Clean up leaves, old mulch, and other garden and yard debris. Old mulch and leaves can breed disease, both fungal and bacterial, which can hurt your plants and lawn. Debris, other than being unsightly, can be dangerous and costly. Running over sticks and other debris can cause lawn mower problems, like dulling the blade.
  3. Speaking of lawn mowers, now is a good time to mow your lawn. It probably isn’t overgrown all over, but it’s patchy. Mowing it now simply sets a nice stage for the growth coming very soon.
  4. Prepare your lawn for seeding. It’s a great time to prep dead spots for seeding in the months ahead.
  5. It’s time for transplants! Take those perennials and divide away. Fill in bare spots or share them with your neighbors… either way, you’ll be helping your own garden stay neat and clean.
  6. Fix your hardscapes, fences, and trellises. Maybe a snow plow took out part of your fence or your front path needs more gravel? Make repairs now before the weather gets too hot and the bugs come out in force.
  7. Remove weeds. It’s best to attack these guys when they are just sprouting. If you start pulling and spraying early, it will be easier to keep your weeds under control during the rest of the year.
  8. Tune up your lawn mower and other equipment. It’s best to find out any issues now before your grass is 10” tall.
  9. Take pests and other animals into consideration. If your neighborhood is a regular crossing zone for deer, you may want to abandon plants that appeal to them.
  10. Plan, plan, plan. Your spring clean-up would not be complete without a plan for your yard for the rest of the year. Figure out your annuals and diagram your vegetable garden. The more you prepare in advance, the better off you’ll be the rest of the year.

Your spring clean-up may seem overwhelming, but it’s not. Just take it one step at a time. If you need help, contact Sunrise Landscape and Design. We love spring clean-up jobs! And don’t worry – all the time and hard work will pay off in May!

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