Take Advantage of your Landscape for Holiday Decorating

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Take Advantage of your Landscape for Holiday Decorating

One of the oldest winter traditions is decorating the home with outdoor greenery. In fact, evergreens symbolize everlasting life and hope for the return of spring. Take a look at your landscape and see what you can use to decorate for the holidays. Your landscape offers fresh and unique greenery that you may not be able to find elsewhere. Remember though, you are actually pruning, so be sure to follow good pruning techniques. Sunrise Landscape + Design offers the following suggestions and tips for your winter holiday decorating.

There are several different types of greenery. Pines, firs and cedars tend to dry out slowly and will last long in warm interiors. Hemlock, spruces and broadleaf greens hold up best outdoors. The following are some of our favorite greens for decorating.

Boxwood: This is a small leaf shrub that is often used in wreaths, swags and garland. Its bright green color and softer texture also make it a great filler for smaller table top decorations.

landscape, landscaping restonJunipers: Junipers offer a green or light grey and bluish color and may have lots of light blue berries. They provide a nice contrast when mixed in with other greenery. They also have a fragrant cedar scent.

Firs: One of the most commonly used greens, the fir tree has short flat needles and is most often used for garland and swags. Firs are one of the most fragrant greens, providing a fresh, clean smell.

Holly: This traditional holiday green comes in several forms, both green and variegated. Holly’s bright red berries and variegated or green leaves are a great way to add color and contrast to other greens.

landscape, landscaping restonMagnolia: This tree is found in many northern Virginia landscapes. It’s big, dark green leaves make beautiful wreaths. The leaves can also be used as the base for larger decorations. Their glossy green leaves, and brown, velvety undersides add great texture and interest to large and small decorations.

In addition to greenery, make sure not to overlook the other features of your landscape. Acorns, hydrangea blossoms, magnolia pods, nandina berries, deciduous holly berries and pine cones all make great additions to holiday decorations.

Once you decide which greens to use, make sure to correctly prune in order to preserve the shape and growth of the tree or shrub. The following pruning tips will help keep your landscape beautiful.

  • Remove the lowest branches first to retain the shape of the tree or shrub.
  • When pruning, follow a branch all the way to the trunk and then remove the entire branch.
  • For holly, juniper or other dense shrubs, reach into the body of the shrub and prune the branch from the inside. This will hide the cut from view.
  • Be sure to clean your pruning tools so they are ready for the next season.

We hope you enjoy your holiday season!

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