Preparing Your Landscape for Winter

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Preparing Your Landscape for Winter

As the temperatures fall and the days get shorter, many of us prepare ourselves to stay warm indoors. But before we do, there are some tips from Sunrise Landscape and Design that we can do to prepare our landscapes for winter.

  • It’s a great time to fertilize trees & shrubs and cultivate existing mulch. Before the ground becomes frozen, root systems can still take up nutrients so that the plants are healthy and ready to grow in the spring. Over time mulch becomes compacted and doesn’t let water through. Mix it to break it up. It will also look like you put a fresh layer down.


  • landscape design Great Falls, Lawn Care Reston,Examine plant material and prune out any damaged or broken branches. That damage will only become worse with heavy snow or ice. Just like us, plants can be sensitive to the cold. Newly established landscapes and less-than-hardy plants can be wrapped with burlap to protect them from cold temperatures and wind.



  • With less green in the landscape, deer are ever more likely to become permanent fixtures in your landscaping. Now is the time to start applying deer repellants.deer repellant, lanscape great falls


  • Plants aren’t the only thing that need attention. It is a great time to fill up your bird feeders if you don’t feed them year-round.


  • winter landscape great fallsAs you are putting up Christmas lights, you should be cleaning the debris out of gutters so snow and ice can melt and run off the roof properly.



  • Mostly likely, you will mowing for the last time of the season. If you have a mulching mower, you can mulch up the few remaining leaves in the turf. Also, cut the turf a little shorter so that blowing debris doesn’t get caught in it. This is the best time to apply Lime and a late-fall fertilization to prepare the turf for winter. The grass will look better through the winter months and boost root development for a better & earlier spring appearance.


  • After your fall yard work is done, winterize your mowers, blowers, and trimmers so they are ready to go when spring arrives.

If preparing your landscape for winter is seems like too much of a task, give us a call at 703-544-0028. Sunrise Landscape + Design has a team of professionals who are more than happy to do the hard work for you!

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