Keeping Your Ghosts and Goblins Safe this Halloween

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Keeping Your Ghosts and Goblins Safe this Halloween

Creating the perfect Halloween Haunted House can be a spooktacular experience! Remember that ghosts and goblins of all ages will be running through your yard to fill their bags up with treats as they race from house to house. Crafting a scary yet safe environment can mean the difference between a hauntingly good time and someone actually getting hurt.

 landscape lightingLighting is one of the most important aspects of creating a frightening ambiance. A well-lit yard with low voltage LED lights not only can light your walkways and sidewalks, but are economical to install and maintain. Compliment your LED lights with Jack-O-Lanterns that have glow sticks inside or battery powered lights to help illuminate your yard without being a fire hazard. Also check to make sure that your outdoor lights are working including flood or sensor lights.

 In addition to setting up lighting, make sure to clean up your yard before the big night. Remove all tripping hazards like children’s toys, hoses, bikes and mark any exposed tree roots to ensure they can be seen by every child in costume; especially those with masks as part of their outfit. Leaves should be raked away from sidewalks and curbs so everyone can identify where the drop off is between sidewalk and street.

Pets can be cute dressed up in costume for Halloween but it is best if they are leashed so they do not inadvertently jump or bite someone. Also, some children are highly allergic to dogs and cats so do not let Fido or Kitty help answer the door; especially with little kids that may be frightened of your pet.

 Halloween can be a fun night for trick or treaters of all ages. Creating a spooky yard can be exciting but remember that keeping the kids safe on your property is your responsibility. Sunrise Landscape and Design is Northern Virginia’s premier landscaping company offering a full range of landscape services and can help identify tripping hazards and lighting issues.

Whether you need landscape design, fire pit installation, landscape lighting, walkways, and patios or lawn maintenance services such as lawn mowing, fall clean-up and leaf removal, mulching, core aeration and overseeding, we will work with you to make your landscape beautiful….even on Halloween!