Warm Up Your Fall Nights and Enhance Your Hardscape with a Fire Pit

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Warm Up Your Fall Nights and Enhance Your Hardscape with a Fire Pit

With the chilly nights and early nightfall approaching, now is the perfect time to extend the use of your outdoor living space by installing a custom built fire pit. A fire pit adds warmth and character to every hardcape and is great for entertaining outdoors in the chilly months.

Custom built fire pits generally are designed to match the existing outdoor aesthetic and can be added seamlessly to existing hardscapes. Most fire pits are set in gravel or on a natural, hardscape surface as stone, brick or slate. Installing a portable or permanent fire pit on a wood surface is not recommended as embers can fly; causing a major fire hazard.


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Photo by Phillip Nobile

The majority of fire pits are constructed of natural stone, brick or slate and can be installed as a wood burning fire pit or one that uses propane. Many homeowners love the traditional smell of a wood burning pit, but this is more labor intensive as you need to continually handle the wood to keep the flames alive.

For those that chose the propane option, you are giving up that fall, fire smell but can relax and enjoy the warmth from the fire pit with just the flick of a switch.

With every installation of a fire pit, it is important to know the county or town regulations on installation and if your homeowner’s association or insurance company will allow them. Generally, it is good practice to install a custom built fire pit a minimum of 10 feet away from your home, your neighbor’s home and any existing structure such as a shed. Remember to clear low hanging branches away from where the fire pit hardscape will be installed to ensure you do not catch your trees on fire.

Before you light your fire, be sure to check wind direction and speed and contact local municipalities to see if there is a Burn Ban currently in your area due to dry conditions or high winds. Also, avoid using softer wood such as pine and cedar as it can create sparks; creating a fire hazard.

When you are ready to install a fire pit it is important to talk with a professional, such as Sunrise Landscape and Design, that can design a fire pit that will safely and seamlessly work with your existing hardscape, landscape, and home. So let’s get out the s’more’s and spend some fun time with family and friends basking in the warm glow of your fire pit!

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