Creating your Fall Yard Maintenance “Game Plan!”

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Creating your Fall Yard Maintenance “Game Plan!”

Fall has arrived! You can feel it in the crisp air of the morning as well as see it in the falling leaves of the trees. After a very hot and humid summer, and predictions of a very cold and snow-filled winter, it is time to create your game plan for putting your yard to bed.

landscape design Great Falls, Lawn Care Reston, Summer may have created burn or brown marks throughout your lawn due to the high heat and humidity. Fall is the perfect time to feed your lawn to give it a healthy start for next spring. Fertilization during September and October will preserve your lawn’s roots while replacing nutrients that were depleted this summer.

Along with fertilization, core aeration, or penetrating the soil with small holes throughout your yard to allow nutrients, water, and air to pierce the grass roots, is done during these first fall months to help the grass roots produce a robust yard in the spring.
Your yard has gone through a transformation from spring to summer and now into fall. It is a good idea to walk your yard, filling in any low spots with soil to prevent standing water or eventually ice! This time of year is the perfect time for overseeding to prepare your lawn and its’ roots for the long, harsh winter ahead.

Don’t forget to remove fallen leaves! A pile of leaves are fun to jump into but can ruin your lawn for next spring. Not only can the wet leaves suffocate your lawn by preventing photosynthesis, but it can also create a breeding ground for disease. Start removing fall’s foliage when 30 percent of the lawn is covered with leaves or every seven days during the heart of fall.

Finally, don’t forget to trim back plants, bushes and plant fall bulbs such as daffodil and tulips so to enjoy them next spring. Remember to prune correctly, as you can do more harm than good if it is not done properly and at the right time of year.

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