What is Lawn Disease?

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What is Lawn Disease?

Lawn disease is a common problem with essentially any grass type.   In Northern Virginia, the most common type of grass is Turf type tall fescue. Microscopic living organisms such as fungi, bacteria, phytoplasmas and a specific type of mold called pathogenic fungi are the most common types of disease that will cause havoc and destruction to your lawn. The severity can depend on how you manage your lawn.

However, for lawn disease to begin, other factors are necessary for its development. Environmental conditions such as humidity must be in place for the disease to grow as well as your specific type of grass must be susceptible to the specific organism. Although you may have these types of pathogens embedded in your soil, if the grass type will not foster disease growth and the environmental conditions are not in place, you may not see a sign of the disease until it is too late.

Brown patch and large patch are two of the most common signs of lawn disease and although they have similar qualities, each one develops in different environmental conditions. During the summer, when the daytime air is hot and humid, and the overnight temperatures are at or above 70 degrees, brown patch disease becomes active. During spring and fall, when the temperatures become cooler, this is when large patch disease is most dynamic.

It may be difficult to identify the type of disease your lawn has when it first appears. Both brown patch and large patch begins as a small circle but quickly can become larger depending on the severity if the environmental conditions. As the diseases progress, the circle becomes brown and discolored yet the size of the patch varies greatly with each disease. Lawns affected by brown patch can see circles as small as several inches and as large as three feet in diameter. Large patch disease lives up to its name by spreading into a circular patch as large as 15 feet in diameter.

Both of these diseases can be prevented and treated, but you have to know what type of grass you have the potential diseases that can be embedded in your soil. Don’t combat lawn disease on your own. Our team of lawn specialists will create a lawn care maintenance plan to ensure you can enjoy your lawn all season long.

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