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Crape Murder!

Around this time of year, Crape Myrtle fever strikes Northern Virginia. This colorful tree has become a favorite for residential and commercial landscape; lining streets and office complexes as well as adorning front yards everywhere. What’s not to love? The Crape Myrtle has a pageant of colors from dark purple, to red, white and pink, which blooms for months on end throughout the summer. These trees showcase their beautiful petals against the pink and orange sky of summer sunsets.

Not all people love the Crape Myrtle. For some reason, this tree turns ordinary people into Edward Scissorhands. Typically in March or early April, you will see these Crape Murderers removing mature branches in an effort to cut the tree back; hindering its growth. In fact, when removing the mature branches, you are disfiguring the tree and causing it to decay.

No one knows when this murderous trend began or even why this tree is the victim of over-pruning every year. Some landscape crews, as well as homeowners, chop away at these trees because they think the tree has outgrown its space. Regardless of the reason, Crape Myrtles can be pruned to reduce their size without committing Crape Murder.

At Sunrise Landscape + Design, we employ a technique called crown reduction to scale the tree in size without over-pruning. We gently remove specific upper branches and shorten remaining branches where they meet an outward-facing bud or a branch lower to the ground. We work with the organic structure of the tree to foster natural growth and keep the Crape Myrtle’s appearance intact.

You know who these Crape Murders are. It is time to put down the shears, step away from the Crape Myrtle and contact the experts at Sunrise Landscape + Design to stop an outbreak of Crape Murder in your neighborhood.

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