What are Invasive Plants?

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What are Invasive Plants?

The temperatures are warm and new growth is exploding throughout the Northern Virginia region. However, not all new growth is good for your landscape. Invasive plants can cause havoc on native and introduced species and overtake your entire landscape.

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Division of Natural Heritage currently identifies 90 invasive plant species that threaten our natural landscape in the mountain, piedmont and coastal areas of Virginia. Invasive plants are species that grow in a geographic area by accident or with the intention of destruction to natural plants and resources natural to the area.

For example, two common invasive plants in Northern Virginia are The Tree of Heaven and the Canada thistle. The Tree of Heaven is native to China and is known to be a rapidly growing deciduous tree with large compound leaves. This invasive tree spreads an ample amount of seeds and can reproduce through the root system. The Tree of Heaven releases a chemical that can harm or destroy plants nearby.

The Canada thistle is a sneaking perennial that is difficult to control due to its vast root system. This invasive plant reproduces vegetative buds in the actual root system from its seeds. It can colonize an area up to six feet in just two years. Attempts to cut or control this plant are futile as it can recover from control attempts; infesting plants, crops, pastures and non-crop areas.

It is important to know what plants, trees and shrubs in your landscaping are meant to be there and those that are there to harm and destroy native and introduced plants. The landscaping professionals at Sunrise Landscape + Design provide landscape maintenance as well as proper plant installation for both residential and commercial properties. If you are not sure of what types of plants, shrubs and trees are part of your landscaping ecosystem, contact Sunrise Landscape + Design to schedule an appointment today!

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