Winter Lawn Care

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Winter Lawn Care

The late Fall and early Winter months may not seem like the time you would need to focus on lawn care, since the dormant season is approaching, but actually this is an ideal time to prepare your plants and lawn for next year’s growing season. There are a few things you can do to ensure a healthy landscape during the Winter months.

Plants have particular seasons when pruning is most beneficial. By ensuring you prune during this time, you ensure that your tree or shrub will grow healthy and maximize its fruiting potential in the warmer months. Light pruning can be done at almost any time of year, but any major work should be reserved for the season each species prefers.

Pruning deciduous trees, (trees or shrubs that lose their leaves seasonally in Winter) when they are dormant (no leaves), will help them grow to their full potential in the Spring. Pruning is a gradual process and not a one-time event. Our experts at Sunrise Landscape and Design are carefully trained to prune your trees and shrubs according to specific pruning techniques for each species.

For example, Winter pruning is recommended for young deciduous trees and shrubs. How much to prune depends on how fast the tree is growing and how crowded the branches are.

Mulching is also recommended before frost and snow covers your landscape. Mulch your planting beds at a depth of 1.5 – 2 inches. It’s not only aesthetic but also acts as a shield against harsh winter weather. This depth keeps the roots of your plants warm, but be certain not to cover the trunk of the shrubs or the tree trunks, because the mulch holds moisture and can cause trunk and root rot.

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